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This also allowed life-long fan and mini-submarines builder Pat Regan to publish a sequel mostly inspired by Disney's movie , titled Vulcanium.

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The best-known adaptation of the novel is the live-action Disney film. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

I felt "involuntarily reassured" in his presence , and this boded well for our interview. I returned to the saloon, fearing and yet hoping to see Captain Nemo, wishing and yet not wishing to see him. What could I have said to him?

Logging out…

Could I hide the involuntary horror with which he inspired me? It was better that I should not meet him face to face; better to forget him. After some moments of silence, which not one of us dreamed of breaking, "Gentlemen," said he, in a calm and penetrating voice, "I speak French, English, German, and Latin equally well. It was a sonorous, harmonious, flexible dialect whose vowels seemed to undergo a highly varied accentuation". Why, in every country on earth, when you open your mouth, snap your jaws, smack your lips and teeth, isn't that the world's most understandable message?

By any chance, could they be electric too? We have nothing to do with the whale-oil on board. Here it would be killing for killing's sake. I know that is a privilege reserved for man, but I do not approve of such murderous pastime. In destroying the southern whale like the Greenland whale, an inoffensive creature , your traders do a culpable action, Master Land.

They have already depopulated the whole of Baffin's Bay, and are annihilating a class of useful animals.

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Leave the unfortunate cetacea alone. Well now! So saying, Captain Nemo unfurled a black flag bearing a gold "N" on its quartered bunting. Then, turning toward the orb of day, whose last rays were licking at the sea's horizon:. Retire beneath this open sea, and let six months of night spread their shadows over my new domains! It cannot suffice us. I'll also mention that the Canadian, at the end of his strength and patience, made no further appearances. Conseil couldn't coax a single word out of him and feared that, in a fit of delirium while under the sway of a ghastly homesickness, Ned would kill himself.

So he kept a devoted watch on his friend every instant. I thought the commander would offer me his hand, to seal our agreement. He did nothing of the sort. I regretted that. Even this was intolerable. And you think that I am going to send you back to that world which must know me no more? But I am not a butcher. I am a hunter, and I call this a butchery.

I am the oppressed, and there is the oppressor! The sea was covered with mutilated bodies. A formidable explosion could not have divided and torn this fleshy mass with more violence.

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  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  • We were floating amid gigantic bodies, bluish on the back and white underneath, covered with enormous protuberances. Some terrified cachalots were flying towards the horizon. The waves were dyed red for several miles, and the Nautilus floated in a sea of blood.. We must give up seeing our homeland, friends, and relatives ever again?

    But giving up that intolerable earthly yoke that some men call freedom is perhaps less painful than you think!

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    • It contains a summary of my research under the sea, and God willing, it won't perish with me. Signed with my name, complete with my life story, this manuscript will be enclosed in a small, unsinkable contrivance. The last surviving man on the Nautilus will throw this contrivance into the sea, and it will go wherever the waves carry it. Neither English, French, nor German, that is quite certain. However, I am inclined to think that the commander and his companion were born in low latitudes.

      There is southern blood in them. Moving within the moving element!

      Excerpt from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

      It was a highly appropriate motto for this underwater machine, so long as the preposition in is translated as within and not upon. What did we do that's so praiseworthy? Not a thing. It was a question of simple arithmetic.

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      Your life is worth more than ours. I mean, what better why of igniting a love for science fiction if not from the father that started it all and has inspired hundreds if not thousands to pick up a pen as well! You'll soon see why this book belongs to the ages and so does Mr. I really loved this book. It has many different historical events in it. Jules Verne predicted the future in this exuberant classic masterpiece! This was a great book full of adventure! Jules Verne predicted the future technology of submarines very well. It is a very exciting book, but a little hard to understand.

      The characters in the book are very well described. My favorite character is Conseil.

      20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954) The Natives Attack

      He is true to Aronnax and his companions. Synopsis In the mid-nineteenth century, a French professor and his two companions, trapped aboard a fantastic submarine as prisoners of the deranged Captain Nemo, come face to face with exotic ocean creatures and strange sights hidden from the world above. Reader Reviews Add your own review to this book! By on February 3, By anonymous on June 22,