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Through music, we feel more spiritually connected because song is a conduit to God. We can feel joy and happiness by listening to music with a great message, then carrying that song in our hearts all week long. We might even feel alone and isolated from God and from other people. We can see the history of what has led us up to this point, and the promise that lies in our future even beyond this world.

Church helps us revisit the larger narrative of life and the reasons to hold on and keep the faith. Church can help alleviate our stress, ease our burdens and carry us through the week—something we all need. I feel the same way as you — sometimes getting out the door is SO hard, and it can really feel chore. I think this has to do with selfishness surrounding my TIME. This only leads to disappointment!

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And like you, we go each week and I am never, ever disappointed that we did. What seems like an infringement on my free time actually turns out to be a perfect reset — something that perfectly meets my needs and rejuvenates me for the week ahead. Thank you for the encouragement in this area… I may be returning to this post come Sunday! Very, very well written! Because of church, the relationship with my husband is soooo much better.

In fact, he starts working for our home church on Dec. Four years ago we were on the verge of divorce. Going to church and strengthening our relationship with God saved our marriage. I also feel so much more humble and have a lot more gratitude when I go to church. And I have a Small Group that has been amazing to me. They were such a huge support when my mother passed away in April. Love this article! We usually go to the late service, so at least we have a few hours to get around and ready.

But you did. You left out two words. But without a relationship with Jesus Christ those are all fleeting emotions or feelings. Go to church, certainly.

Why do we give tithes and offerings in church?

But most importantly, chase after a personal relationship with Jesus. With that relationship in place, which comes after repentance, the Holy Spirit begins a good work in you, and that work lasts a lifetime. Growing, changing, putting away the old self and welcoming the new person — one much changed from the old one, and one Jesus is able to use in the advancement of the Gospel. I agree. So glad though for the article and the emphasis on making the time for attending church, especially in our busy world. We raised 5 children and we were all involved with the opportunities afforded and were truly blessed by life-long friendships and serving others.

But, the most important thing we learned early on in our life, is our relationship with Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas! Amen again! Reynolds…your comment hit the nail on the head. I love this articles and the comments! For me, it is a challenge to get myself and my daughter ready while my husband gets himself ready. I struggle with mornings as it is, so Sundays are tough. All the other benefits are layers of delicious frosting on the best cake ever!!! Yes, I so agree!

With that said, I also agree on how hard it can be to get everyone up, dressed and out the door but once we are there it is all worth it. It helps us to get what we need to get done while also still having a relaxing morning as well! Hi, Thank you for this article. Only on special occasions. As someone has commented already, I have always thought going to church was more of a social activity than a spiritual one not that there would be anything wrong with that. I am willing to revise that opinion.

I started feeling guilty. I started refusing my connection with God. I stopped praying. So here I am, after a few years, trying to get back on the right track. Trying to feel alive again and, more importantly, wanting to be alive. If you are like I used to be, you may have trouble coming to terms with this instruction. Loving God and connecting with Him intimately is the most amazing experience one can have in life.

In the end, as is only natural, given God is Love and is always thinking of our benefit… Loving God above all else is an instruction that is only meant for our utmost benefit. The way you described what happens during your prayer time would touch the heart of many hard-headed people. It was just so…on point, and authentic. Truly an inspired sentiment. May I share it?

The entire world needs to read that. Getting to church is a constant challenge for my family. The stress of getting to church cannot compare to the feeling of peace I immediately feel once I enter the sanctuary no matter what time I arrive. Thank you for your words. Church has been a way for my boyfriend and I to get closer during our courtship.

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I recommend it to all couples who believe in God. Such a good article! It has inspired me so much, I just started my own blog on faith, natural beauty and lifestyle. Thanks for the great read. My sister just moved to a new home in a new city. I really like the idea of going to church. Like you said, it allows us to feel peace and reverence.

I need that, in such a hectic world. I never would have guessed that attending church could be so beneficial. I hope this article can help us to know where to go if we ever need to improve our style of life. I remember learning that spirituality was a part of human health back in middle school.

Church is one way you can do that and put things in perspective. Thanks for the terrific article. You wrote that church is a great place to learn forgiveness, which is essential in your relationships with friends and family. Being able to master qualities like this could actually help you long term in life, and ensure you have peace in your family and within your social circles. One of our biggest reasons for not attending church regularly when we were first married, was that my husband and I could never agree on a church. I liked simple worship, led by just a few people, and challenging sermons that integrated the Bible with other writings, like the works of CS Lewis.

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But in the end, we both realized we had to be open to GOD above all else. Deep cultural values and beliefs go to the core of who we are. Traditions of sacrifice, gratitude, faith, and righteousness are to be cherished and preserved.

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Families must relish and protect traditions that build faith. One of the most significant features of any culture is its language. In the San Francisco, California, area, where I lived, there were seven nonnative language units.

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It is clear that the language of the heart is precious to all people. My older brother, Joseph, is a medical doctor and practiced for many years in the San Francisco Bay area. An elderly Samoan Church member, who was a new patient, came to his office. He was in severe, debilitating pain. It was determined that he had a kidney stone, and appropriate treatment was undertaken. This faithful member stated that his original goal was merely to understand what was wrong so he could pray in Samoan to his Heavenly Father about his health problem.

It is important for members to understand the gospel in the language of their heart so they can pray and act in accordance with gospel principles. Even with diversity of languages and beautiful, uplifting cultural traditions, we must have hearts knit in unity and love. We recognize that some members have questions and concerns as they seek to strengthen their faith and testimonies.

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At the same time, those with concerns should do everything they can to build their own faith and testimony. Patiently and humbly studying, pondering, praying, living gospel principles, and counseling with appropriate leaders are the best ways to resolve questions or concerns. Some have asserted that more members are leaving the Church today and that there is more doubt and unbelief than in the past. This is simply not true. The number of members removing their names from the records of the Church has always been very small and is significantly less in recent years than in the past.

Let me say again, the Church has never been stronger. If the grim realities you are facing at this time seem dark and heavy and almost unbearable, remember that in the soul-wrenching darkness of Gethsemane and the incomprehensible torture and pain of Calvary, the Savior accomplished the Atonement, which resolves the most terrible burdens that can occur in this life.

He did it for you, and He did it for me. He did it because He loves us and because He obeys and loves His Father. Our protections in this life and for eternity will be in individual and family righteousness, Church ordinances, and following the Savior. This is our refuge from the storm.

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For those who feel they are alone, you can stand resolutely in righteousness knowing that the Atonement will protect and bless you beyond your ability to fully understand. We should remember the Savior, keep our covenants, and follow the Son of God as the young sunflower follows the sunshine. Following His light and example will bring us joy, happiness, and peace. I know He lives.

I know His voice. I testify of His divinity and the reality of the Atonement in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Text Settings. Show Hide.