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Works under MDS Wording Edition. Psychology and Religious Experience; Path to Enlightenment. Related tags 3 [e] 2 awakening 5 Buddhism 86 calligraphy 4 Chan 3 Chan Buddhism 3 Chinese 2 Chinese poetry 2 Christianity 10 culture 3 dharma 3 Dzogchen 4 ebook 5 Enlightenment 8 Four Noble Truths 2 GBC 4 health 3 Kindle 3 meditation 12 mindfulness 3 mysticism 11 non-fiction 15 Nyingma 6 paperback 2 philosophy 7 poetry 16 religion 23 self-improvement 2 spirituality 22 tantra 4 Theravada 3 Tibet 3 Tibetan 6 Tibetan Buddhism 7 to-read 15 Vajrayana 3 virc 2 zen 45 Zen Buddhism 4.

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With some shared affinities established, although by no means exhausted, I invite readers to plunge into the works that follow, since each work in the volume argues in different yet interrelated ways for a shared view in Buddhism and Romanticism of forms of suffering created by the self and of the freedom from suffering found in self-annihilation. Emptiness resides in plenitude and solitude, the problematic path for Buddhists and Romanticists alike.

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It also has a new look. Find out more about our move, redesign, and plans for the future here. Romanticism and Buddhism. Bennett, Andrew. The Author. Bloom, Harold. A Map of Misreading.

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