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The Daemon's Curse (Darkblade #1) by Mike Lee

It's clear early on, however, that their relationship isn't that simple, and Malus is no standard fantasy hero. For one, he's not actually a hero at all, but a ruthless Villain Protagonist : Throughout the series, nearly everyone Darkblade meets will eventually be betrayed by him. Though, admittedly, among the dark elves known as druchii , often it's a race to see who betrays whom first.

Even his own family. Especially his own family.

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Malus Darkblade is not the strongest, smartest, or most skilled of his race, or even of his siblings - but what he is is the most hateful SOB this side of the Chaos Wastes , and he almost never gives up , even when there's no plausible path to success. Community Showcase More.

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Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Ahashara : "From this point forward you walk alone, Malus of Hag Graef. I see know how much has been taken from you. You have lost your name and your honor. Personally, I was a fan of the nauglir, which are enormous lizards I pictured them as Jurassic Park raptors on illegal steroids and the steed of choice for Malus and his team. Where horses often baulk in the face of danger and go down after an arrow or two, the nauglir seem to enjoy nothing more than racing into the chaos of battle and biting as many people in half as they possibly can.

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Nauglir…Or horse? Okay so the story is slightly generic but the writing is solid. They weave the characters through a vividly-crafted world without distracting you from the plot.

Far too often fight scenes in books can either be over in a flash or so minutely detailed that they read as sluggish. At no point do Abnett and Lee treat this tale of Malus Dakblade as anything other than a straightforward adventure story about a really nasty guy, in a really nasty world and for that, it is brilliant. Apart from the odd cheesy line scattered here and there, for what is a fantasy story without a little bit of cheese?

Definitely worth a read. Paul Wiseall One day, Paul Wiseall intends on growing up and getting a real job as a superhero or a dinosaur but for the moment, he is quite happy with this writing malarkey as it is far too much fun.

For those who are interested, he is a film buff, a chronic comic collector and inhales anything written by Neil Gaiman, China Mieville and Terry Pratchett. Paul tends to live in his head more than anywhere else but his tangible self can often be found frequenting coffee shops or living behind a laptop somewhere in Italy. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Leave this field empty.

The Daemon's Curse

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