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Free delivery worldwide. This history of the Atlantic Empires is an authoritative introduction to an essential topic in world history. Featuring essays by leading feminist scholars from a variety of disciplines, this key text explores the latest developments in autobiographical studies. The collection is structured around the inter-linked concepts of genre, inter-subjectivity and memory.

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Whilst exemplifying the very different levels of autobiographical activity going on in feminist studies, the contributions chart a movement from autobiography as genre to autobiography as cultural practice, and from the analysis of autobiographical texts to a preoccupation with autobiography as method. This collection evaluates the various strategies that different cities have used when attempting to economically revitalize downtown areas.

This collection, written by highly-placed practitioners and academic economists, provides a picture of how economic modellers and policy makers interact. The book provides international case studies of particular interactions between models and policy making, and argues that the flow of information is two-way. Easy to read, and highly topical, Messages writes a history of mass communication in Europe and its outreaches, as a search for the origins of media forms from print and stage, to photography, film and broadcasting.

Relating to the US constitution, and key laws in the UK which form the foundation of our society, this is a highly useful book for students of media, communication, history, and journalism. By Tina Abbott. Social and Personality Development looks at the processes by which we come to be who we are. It covers a range of topics central to personality and developmental psychology.

The book is arranged in three sections, the first covering the main theories of personality, the second describing the…. By Christine Hodson.

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  8. Psychology and Work provides a concise, user-friendly introduction to the field of occupational psychology. The book covers the main issues in the psychology of work and organizations. Topics discussed include the significance of work to the individual, the motivation to work, selection and…. By Nick Lund , Nick Lund. Whilst attention is a term commonly used in everyday life, for many years psychologists have struggled in their attempts to explain what it actually means. Attention and Pattern Recognition introduces the main psychological research on attention and the methods that have been used to study it.

    By Donald C.

    Evolutionary psychology

    Social Cognition looks at the way in which humans interpret, analyse and remember information about the social world. Topics covered include: attribution, social schemas and social representations, prejudice and discrimination. By Matt Jarvis. Psychologists use a range of principles and theories, all of which view the person and the study of the person in very different ways. Theoretical Approaches in Psychology introduces and outlines the six main approaches and considers how each has helped psychologists understand human behaviour,….

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    By Paul Rookes , Jane Willson. Paul Rookes and Jane Willson explain perception and perceptual processes in a way that almost anyone can understand. The study of perception, or how the brain processes information from the senses , has fascinated psychologists and philosophers for a long time. Perception takes the key research…. By Diana Dwyer.

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    Interpersonal Relationships considers friendship and more intimate relationships including theories of why we need them, how they are formed, what we get out of them and the stages through which they go. Social and cultural variations are discussed as well as the effects of relationships on our…. By Anthony Curtis. This simple and concise introduction to the psychology of health is the perfect text for students new to the area. Topics covered include health policy and epidemiology, genetic factors in disease, the experience of illness as a patient, beliefs and attitudes, stress, pain and healthy lifestyles.

    By John Stirling.

    Animal Cognition Routledge Modular Psychology Volume 1

    Cortical Functions is a companion to Kevin Silber's series title, The Physiological Basis of Behaviour and concentrates on the cerebral cortex, its structure, connections, functions and dysfunctions. John Stirling includes clinical descriptions and case studies to illustrate various forms of…. An accessible description of sleep and dreaming and the daily and seasonal rhythms that our bodies are subject to. Sport Psychology is an introductory account of the major psychological issues in sport today.

    Major theories and up-to-date research are covered in the areas of personality, attitudes to sport, aggression in sport, anxiety and stress, social influences, motivation, and skill acquisition. A wide….

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    By Cara Flanagan. Early Socialisation looks at sociability and attachment and how they relate to emotional and cognitive development. Topics covered include: bonding, attachment, deprivation, separation and privation, as well as enrichment.