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A brief history of dogs

Grooming for pets with dry skin may be a bit different than pets with minimal or no skin issues. We know that humans have had pets for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

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And, currently, grooming competitions are held almost every day across the whole world. But, have we always had to maintain their fur with grooming efforts? Well, grooming for pets had to start somewhere.

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The history of grooming for pets can help us to understand more about the benefits and need for grooming services. So, learning about this history can help us to remember the need for these useful services. The reason I chose Merryfield is because I did my homework. I spoke to many Master Groomers and asked them what their choice would be for a great education.

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The answer consistently was Merryfield for their number one choice. The instructors there are some of the top groomers in the United States.

Dog Grooming – A Short History

I looked at many different schools in the country. When I looked at the resumes of the teachers at Merryfield, they won hands down. There was no comparison. I can really see the difference my education made on my career.

I was a front desk Manager at an Animal Hospital, kind of a dead end job. I love animals and I wanted more fun in my job.

I will make every reasonable attempt to keep both of us safe, but should the stress be too much for your pet I will notify you to pick them up unfinished. Older dogs, dogs with a history of seizures, or dogs with a long history of health problems may also be notified to pick up early should any issues arise during the grooming process. Grooming can be especially stressful to senior pets, and some prior injuries or medical issues can get worse from stress such as arthritis, seizures, etc.

Please notify me of any issues or ailments your pet may have upon making your appointment. I will not be held responsible for any prior illnesses or injuries to your pet. Vaccinations : All shots are to be up to date before your grooming appointment. This is for the protection of your pet.

Grooming A Dog In 30 Minutes

If your pet has any history of allergies to vaccines, or if it is their first series of vaccines I will not groom them on same date of the vaccination. This is to ensure your pet will not have a reaction to the vaccine s while in my care. Cancellations : Clients will notify All Fur Pooch at least 72 hrs prior to the scheduled visit.

Industry Forefathers

Because my schedule is booked one dog at a time, no-showing or canceling when I arrived at your home for your appointment costs me money and time. I have set aside that time especially for your pet, and no-showing or canceling when I arrived at your home means somebody else could have taken that spot. Please be respectful and call or notify me if you have to cancel.

Thank you for your understanding. I strive to make this an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. This has allowed us to take on more customers. Ashlee concentrates mainly on smaller breeds, whilst I generally take on larger breeds, as well as concentrating predominantly on poodle and bichon crosses.

A brief history of dogs

I lecture part time in Animal Care with youngsters at the local college, and have also run short courses for owners who wish to learn to groom their own dogs between appointments. I have a special interest in what the Americans refer to as H. Looking at the benefits of owner education in grooming their dogs, and the benefits of dogs for those suffering anxiety, depression stress or P.

A large amount of this interest has stemmed from the interactions I have with the gang of re-homes and rescues that live with us. In fact it is predominantly down to the fact I have to keep them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed, that I still groom other peoples dogs.

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  • Smashwords – Dog Grooming - A Short History - A book by Amy Fernandez - page 3.
  • Smashwords – Dog Grooming - A Short History - A book by Amy Fernandez - page 3.

We work on a one to one basis with your best friend, and book appointments in such a manner we aim to create a less stressful environment for you and them.