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Wisniewski, Ph.

Marschall, The Sciences. This book will be immensely interesting to historians working in this area and anyone concerned with intersexuality.

Hermaphrodite – Medieval Disability Glossary

There are interesting sections on famous hermaphrodites and hermaphrodites in love. Pitkow, Choice. This is a specific example of a widespread but largely invisible phenomenon, in which cultural agendas are disguised as scientific authority. The medical abuse of individuals born with atypical sex anatomy in fact serves everyone who holds the unscientific belief that the world is divided neatly into two clearly distinguished sexes.

Early Modern Hermaphrodites

Dreger has written a book that should interest not only medical historians, professionals concerned with intersexuality, and intersexuals themselves, but everyone who thinks she knows her sex. Hermaphrodites were, after all, only among the most striking members of the parade of anomalies that engaged the attention of both specialists and the general public at the turn of the century.

Any liminal creature was apt to trigger anxieties about the defense of social as well as natural boundaries, and any breach of the barriers that divided the sexes was particularly unnerving. In The Number of the Heavens , Tom Siegfried, the award-winning former editor of Science News , shows that one of the most fascinating and controversial ideas in contemporary cosmology—the existence of multiple parallel universes—has a long and divisive history that continues to this day.

We spoke to him about the possible existence of a multiverse and the co ….

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The phenomenon of hermaphrodites

Islamic jurists, for example, would assign a gender role to a hermaphrodite, referred to as a khuntha mushkil, for the purposes of marriage, ritual, or inheritance. Cary J. Nederman, Nikki R.

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