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The effort of applying coordinate transforms is justified by obtaining a more intuitive, concise and easy-to-use model. Covering the most relevant concepts relating to machine size, torque and power, the author explains the losses and secondary effects, outlining cases and conditions in which some secondary phenomena are neglected.

TES generators and motors - Production of electric machines

While the goal of developing and using machine mathematical models, equivalent circuits and mechanical characteristics persists through the book, the focus is kept on physical insight of electromechanical conversion process. Details such as the slot shape and the disposition of permanent magnets and their effects on the machine parameters and performance are also covered.

Electrical Machines – 1 kW

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Asynchronous, Synchronous and DC machines. Salient poles, harmonics and space harmonics.

Models for electrical machines under steady state and transient conditions. Vector representation of AC machines. Control of torque, speed and position for variable-speed AC and DC motor drives.

Electrical Machines

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Electrical Machines – 1 kW

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