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Flashkit Tutorials More than tutorials! Virtual FX - Tutorials More than tutorials. Webmonkey Some tutorials but good. This is the resource if you need info about shape tweening, motion tweening, text effects and buttons. Flashkit - Getting Started More than 40 tutorials for beginners. Virtual FX - Beginner tutorials 24 tutorials for beginners.


Designs by Mark Some Flash 4 and some Flash 5 tutorials. Follow this link to learn the basics of Flash 5 and Flash MX. Flash Softwares. Flash Video. Flash Games. Flash Tutorials. You only need to understand and learn to follow some basic rules. First, ActionScript 2. Case-sensitivity is especially an issue in external scripts like FLA files, class files, and those included with the include command.

ActionScript uses dot. Although you can still use slash syntax to target movie clips and variables in movies being played in Flash Player 7 or earlier, ActionScript 2. For example, the following event handler moves the timeline to Frame 2 when a user clicks a button:. The gotoAndPlay action is included inside the curly braces. All the actions that should be performed when the user clicks the button must appear within these braces.

In addition, all statements in ActionScript are terminated with a semicolon ; , as you can see at the end of the gotoAndPlay line. Comments let you specify your intentions for a piece of code. You can add in-line comments or comment blocks.

Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript: Working with Text, Buttons, and Menus

You can use comment blocks to comment out entire portions of a script, entire functions, or to add extensive documentation. These include class names, component class names, and interface names, as well as the following words:. Your email address will not be published. Tags: actionscript , adobe , flash , flash mx , web development.

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