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Retrieved 27 June Works by Stephen Baxter. Coalescent Exultant Transcendent Resplendent. Time Space Origin Phase Space. Silverhair Longtusk Icebones.

Stephen Baxter's Xeelee Sequence

Time's Eye Sunstorm Firstborn. Gulliverzone Webcrash. Emperor Conqueror Navigator Weaver. Voyage Titan Moonseed.

Flood Ark. Proxima Ultima. Traces The Hunters of Pangaea. Categories : British novels Novels by Stephen Baxter Xeelee sequence science fiction novels HarperCollins books Hard science fiction Novels about genetic engineering Neutron stars in fiction. Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from October It travels back to the undefeated humanity, years before. A crew member of the space vessel Cauchy comes back with the friends, Miriam Berg. They have a complex plan, from the Winger experiment; they postulated an extraordinary theorem on the final destiny of life in the universe. That is the universe exists as a single huge quantum superstructure and that at the end of time, when intelligent life will have collected all information and transformed into the Complete or Ultimate observer who will then make the last observation.


This observation will collapse all the entangled wave functions generated since the creation of the universe. The friends further hold that the ultimate observer will also decide which world line will be the real world line and that the observer will select the one in which humanity endures no Qax or squeem conquests or occupations. The Ultimate observer will only choose between world lines if relevant information is available at its age to distinguish world lines. If the Ultimate observer does not know humanity, it cannot decide on a world line favourable to it. So a way must be found to safely and surely send information into the future.

The friends plan to turn Jupiter into an expertly formed singularity and use the detailed parameters as a mode of encoding information. With the threat of the future of the Qax, Miriam Berg is worried over the immediate fate of the human race and transmits an SOS to Michael Poole, the gate designer. The Qax, panic over the escape and choose to build their interface, with human help from collaborators lead Jasoft Parz, and create a link with the future to gain assistance in settling the problem. This is done in just one and half years. An amazing high technology future spaceship, with the future Qax, passes through the gate, executes the Qax earth governor and seize Parz before exiting via the original gate after all humanity and the friends.

The Qax decide to eliminate space faring capabilities of humans and completely destroy humans. The Qax are economic traders and want to first extract as much value out of their human pilots as possible. They send a pilot named Jim Bolder in a modified Xeelee night fighter to the Great Attractor, which is the cause of most galactic drift to investigate how and why it exists. Jim Bolder travels to the base of the gravitational well and discovers the Ring.

It is a torus made of unknown material and is a thousand light years in diameter, and rotating at the a greater fraction of the speed of light. The Qax postulate that the torus created a Kerr metric effect and was actually an escape route for the Xeelee. Jim Bolder miraculously survives the dangerous mission and on return to the Qax home system is captured by the Qax spline warships.

Bolder manages to escape and in the fight that follows the Qax star-breakers accidently fire at the primary star of the Qax system making it to-go nova. The Qax hurriedly evacuate but many of them die and their trading empire collapses. A handful were left behind, equipped with time travel capabilities, their task to tidy up : to reorder history more to the Xeelee's liking. That million-year war with humankind was one blemish. It had to be erased.

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And in order to do that, a lone Xeelee was sent back in time to remove Michael Poole from history The Xeelee Sequence : Book 8. This is the centre of the Galaxy. And in a history without war with the humans, the Xeelee have had time to built an immense structure here.

Xeelee Sequence

The Xeelee Belt has a radius ten thousand times Earth's orbital distance. It is a light year in circumference.

If it was set in the solar system it would be out in the Oort Cloud, among the comets - but circling the sun. If it was at rest it would have a surface area equivalent to about thirty billion Earths. But it is not at rest: it rotates at near lightspeed.

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And because of relativistic effects, distances are compressed for inhabitants of the Belt, and time drastically slowed. The purpose of the Belt is to preserve a community of Xeelee into the very far future, when they will be able to tap dark energy, a universe-spanning antigravity field, for their own purposes. But with time the Belt has attracted populations of lesser species, here for the immense surface area, the unending energy flows. Poole, Miriam and their party, having followed the Ghosts, must explore the artefact and survive encounters with its strange inhabitants - before Poole, at last, finds the Xeelee who led the destruction of Earth Sign Up now and enjoy the enhanced features only available to members.

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Dick Award Winner. The Horror! Michael Poole, architect of the tunnel, must boldly confront the consequences of his genius. It worked. Too well. The universe had a door.

And it was open Vacuum Diagrams The Xeelee Sequence : Book 5 Stephen Baxter While the human race struggles against alien oppressors, an even greater epic battle rages between the deadly dark-matter photino birds and their implacable enemy, the Xeelee Xeelee: Endurance The Xeelee Sequence : Book 6 Stephen Baxter Return to the eon-spanning and universe-crossing conflict between humanity and the unknowable alien Xeelee in this selection of uncollected and unpublished stories, newly edited and placed in chronological reading order.

Contains eleven short stories and novellas. Xeelee: Vengeance The Xeelee Sequence : Book 7 Stephen Baxter Half a million years in the future, on a dead, war-ravaged world at the centre of the Galaxy, there is a mile-high statue of Michael Poole. Clarke Award Winner Forums.