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Heights of Polynomials and Entropy in Algebraic Dynamics (Universitext)

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Pure Math , pp. Knapp , Representation theory of semisimple groups Princeton Landmarks in Mathematics , Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews From the reviews: "At first sight it would seem exceedingly unlikely that there would be any relation at all between entropy and height.

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American-Style Derivatives Valuation and Computation. Elliptic Polynomials. Hecke's L-Functions Spring, Complex Analysis and Applications. Semialgebraic Statistics and Latent Tree Models.

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The authors'approach is very down to earth as they cover the rationals, assuming no prior knowledge of elliptic curves. The chapters include examples and particular computations. A large chunk of the book has been devoted to the elliptic Mahler's measure. Special calculation have been included and will be self-contained. One of the most important results about Mahler's measure is that it is the entropy associated to a dynamical system. The authors devote space to discussing this and to giving some convincing and original examples to explain this phenomenon. Last Modified: Easter Disclaimer Trading name.