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Inside the brotherhood: Thoughts on fraternity violence

Previous post Next post. One Comment. Leave A Comment. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The hotheads in the fraternity and the stories of the alumni members about the need to always look out for the other fraternities once again take upper control in the battle of the two cultures. There would be little misunderstandings and the mechanisms for dialogues as a way to resolve disputes are forgotten. And when there is a crack on the foundations of peace, a rush of violent confrontations sets in, as if, the fraternities had come from a long hibernation and now have rediscovered their first love.

Non-frat members do not understand the mechanics of the fraternities. They do not see any logic why fraternity members engage themselves in violent activities. The non-fraternity members simply dissociate themselves from the problems that plague the fraternity system.

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They do not care if the frat members become maimed or killed in an incident of war. While they feel the loss and the pain of the families who have been victims of frat violence, their sympathy is extended only to sighs of utter hopelessness. They blame the depraved sense of values of the fraternities yet mock the frat member for becoming too stupid to join a frat.

But when the issue dies down, the public loses all its bitterness. This happens till another person becomes a victim again. Worse, in little fracas that does not have mortal results, the public gives its approval. They would ask the score in a rumble and applaud those who did the greater damage over the other party. Fraternity violence has destroyed many lives. There are many students now staying in jail. There are many more who were expelled from schools.

There were those who met their untimely deaths. The members are drowned in a culture they themselves do not understand. The frat members are like moths playing in the fire. They never know when their wings will be smoldered.

The victims should speak now. They should not meekly accept their fate.

Martin Short (author)

Their experiences should not simply be sad stories in the frat lore. The thought that their doom is a simple consequence of being a frat man should be shattered. The victims are not mere accidents. They are flesh and blood who would carry the bitter experience throughout their lives.

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They should break the code of silence and voice their concern over the growing barbarism of the institution that they belong to. The victims should speak saying that all those who ever held a paddle and lead pipe are all guilty to the fate that had befallen them. The culprit is the culture of violence that engulfs the fraternity system. These stories made other people. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change.

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View more stories. Raymund Narag. A law student, he died as he underwent physical initiations in the hands of his future brothers. Many more fratmen will be made to pay the price for his death.

Fallout 76: Get inside the Brotherhood headquarters - Defiance Has Fallen

The seeds of violence Though cloaked with the noble and lofty visions such as academic excellence, nationalism, leadership, rule of law, intellectual integrity and other high principles, the fraternities developed strong organizational cultures that arose out of competition from other fraternities. Hazing The seeds of violence are sown into the heart of a fratman the moment he enters the fraternity.

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Fountains of hatred The culture of hate is passed on from one generation to another. Psychological violence The other kind of violence that is less latent but equally repressive is the psychological violence imposed on the frat men. Code of silence The fraternities anchor their strength on secrecy.

Rumbles Rumbles are the physical manifestations of the psychological state of war among the members. Cool heads and hotheads Not all frat members, however, share the inclination or penchant for rumble and violence. Battle of two cultures The culture of violence and the culture of peace have adherents in every fraternity. Public apathy Non-frat members do not understand the mechanics of the fraternities.

Inside the Brotherhood - 3 of 6 (based on martin short book - Inside the brotherhood)

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