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And the people who had the keys were not authoritarian monsters, they were dudes. Romero was young, but he was a dude in the making, he figured. The Wizard of this Oz could be him. Every Saturday at a. Developed in the fifties, these were the early giants of the computer industry, monolithic machines that were programmed by inserting series of hole-punched cards that fed the code. By the seventies, mainframes and their smaller cousins, the minicomputers, had infiltrated corporations, government offices, and universities. But they were not yet in homes. For this reason, budding computer enthusiasts like Romero trolled university computer labs, where they could have hands-on access to the machines.

Bloody Disgusting!

Late at night, after the professors went home, students gathered to explore, play, and hack. The computer felt like a revolutionary tool: a means of self-empowerment and fantasy fulfillment. Programmers skipped classes, dates, baths. And as soon as they had the knowledge, they made games. The first one came in from the most unlikely of places: a U. So, with the help of his colleagues, he programmed a rudimentary tennis simulation using a computer and a small, round oscilloscope screen.

It thrilled the crowds. Then it was dismantled and put away. Ten years later, a programmer and amateur cave explorer in Boston, Will Crowther, created text-based spelunking simulation. When a hacker at Stanford named Don Woods saw the game, he contacted Crowther to see if it was okay for him to modify the game to include more fantasy elements. The result was Colossal Cave Adventure.

This gave rise to the text-adventure craze, as students and hackers in computer labs across the country began playing and modifying games of their own—often based on Dungeons and Dragons or Star Trek. Romero was growing up in the eighties as a fourth-generation game hacker: the first having been the students who worked on the minicomputers in the fifties and sixties at MIT; the second, the ones who picked up the ball in Silicon Valley and at Stanford University in the seventies; the third being the dawning game companies of the early eighties.

He was a swift and persistent student, cornering anyone who could answer his increasingly complex questions. His parents were less than impressed by his new passion.

James Franco is bringing us a TV drama about the making of Doom

He was bright but too easily distracted, they thought, too consumed by games and computers. He began exorcising the backwash of emotional and physical violence through his illustrations. For years he had been raised on comics—the B-movie horror of E. By age eleven, he churned out his own. In one, a dog named Chewy was invited to play ball with his owner. To my taste, the greatest American myth of cosmogenesis features the maladjusted, antisocial, genius teenage boy who, in the insular laboratory of his own bedroom, invents the universe from scratch.

Masters of Doom is a particularly inspired rendition. Dave Kushner chronicles the saga of video game virtuosi Carmack and Romero with terrific brio. This is a page-turning, mythopoeic cyber-soap opera about two glamorous geek geniuses - and it should be read while scarfing down pepperoni pizza and swilling Diet Coke, with Queens of the Stone Age cranked up all the way.

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Masters of Doom is an excellent archetypal tale of hard work and genius being corrupted by fame too young and fortune too fast. I rooted for these guys, was inspired by them, then was disturbed by them, and was fascinated from beginning to end. Masters of Doom tells the compelling story of the decade-long showdown between gaming's own real-life dynamic duo, played high above the corridors of Doom in the meta-game of industry and innovation.

With the narrative passion of a true aficionado, Kushner reminds us that the Internet was not created to manage stock portfolios but to serve as the ultimate networked entertainment platform. It's all just a game. Are you brainy? Deeply alienated? Ever wanted to be a multimillionaire who transformed a major industry? Then Masters of Doom is the book for you! Like Hackers, David Kushner's Masters of Doom paints a fascinating portrait of visionary coders transforming a previously marginal hobby into a kind of 21st-century art form -- and enraging an entire generation of parents along the way.

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Kushner tells the story with intelligence and a great sense of pacing. Masters of Doom is as riveting as the games themselves. A Talk with David Kushner What made you delve into the subject of video games? As a writer, there's nothing quite like exploring an uncharted world. And the world of gamers—despite its cultural, economic, and artistic impact—is still a mystery to most people. I grew up reading all the New Journalism books and I saw an opportunity to do for gamers what Tom Wolfe did for astronauts—recreate their definitive story and make them human.

What do video games say about American culture? But, on another level, they do say a lot about Americans desires and dreams: dreams of power, escape, fantasy, and violence. What makes this unique from any other medium is the interactivity.

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Games let players try on different roles—wizards, warriors, athletes, and hip-hop stars. Every medium has its rock stars. Along with their exceptionally talented colleagues, they innovated games that still impact business, technology, and pop culture.

Masters of Doom pilot ordered by USA Network from UCP

Do you agree with this assessment? These guys never took no for an answer. And they always thought outside of the box—so much so that, at one point, a journalist said they made Microsoft look like a cement company. That's one reason I wrote this book as a reconstruction of the past. I wanted readers to feel like they were right there with them, riding that incredible ride and smashing through the obstacles along the way. Video games are a multi-billion dollar a year industry, but they appear to be underneath a lot of people's radar.

Why do you think that is? One reason I wrote this book was because people still had all the wrong ideas: mainly, that games are the domain of teenage boys. In fact, the most popular computer game on the planet is probably Solitaire —and the players are parents and grandparents. Rory and Ita is something new in his work--rarely have a writer's parents been brought to life in such vivid, tender detail--and rarely have two outwardly ordinary people had such fascinatingly offbeat, surprising lives.

Born in and respectively, the couple have a total recall of every detail of their Dublin childhoods, their eccentric relatives and, crucially, the politics both came from Republican families. Inevitably, some of Doyle's keenest followers may be wary of this departure from his customarily idiosyncratic novels even the much-acclaimed A Star called Henry wrongfooted many readers with its marked departure from the areas we customarily associated with Doyle , but Rory and Ita is actually quite as entertaining as any of Doyle's fiction.

His parents come across as remarkable talkers his mother, in particular, has some very surprising tales to tell , and the book with its rich and colourful portrait of a country caught between the backwardness of religious repression and the indomitable human spirit of its people creates a picture of a very human and often very funny world that has now all but vanished.

September 2005

Doyle enthusiasts may hesitate--but they'd be wise to add this one to their libraries, as it has all the insight and humour of the author's best work. The book by New Zealand pilot Ewan Wilson and journalist Geoff Taylor presents compelling evidence about what actually occurred in the final hours of Flight , some of it based on new interviews with family members of pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight captured the world's attention and shocked everyone. The book takes you to Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8 and brings together the lives of passengers and crew who ultimately met their fate on board what should have been a routine flight to Beijing on a well respected airline operating a state-of-the-art airliner with a near faultless record. For the first time the book presents a detailed analysis of the flight, the incredible route it took, and who the authors believe was in charge of the aircraft as it plunged into the Indian Ocean.

The book investigates each piece of evidence and eliminates all the possible scenarios until the reader is left with one shocking and unbelievable conclusion as to what happened to end the lives of people that night. What happened to MH was no accident. It was deliberate and it was calculated and it should never have been allowed to happen. A few days later, an airliner mysteriously disappears—believed to be at the bottom of the sea. Four months later, with the situation deteriorating in Ukraine, economic sanctions placed on Russia, and the fear of falling oil prices, Putin orders the shoot-down of MH17 flight over Ukraine.

Joseph's ability to create a plot around real-world events is making him the new master of suspense. Here is the iPublish "Director's Cut" three times longer than the RS article of this incisive, funny, thoughtful piece about life on "Bullshit One" — the nickname for the press bus that followed McCain's Straight Talk Express.

But sex and rape remain the highest taboo in Libya, and women like Soraya whose identity is protected by a pseudonym here risk being disowned or even killed by their dishonored family members. He enjoyed who he was until he talked to his Mom, his own personal critic, who is happy to remind him off all of his shortcomings.

James Franco and Dave Franco producing Masters of Doom TV pilot

Law Santiago loves his brothers. The only problem is the fact that they tease him to no end about his preference for playing bottom. Can these two help each other accept who they are, or will the constant interruptions—from family, vampires, and elves who have it out for Law's mate—keep them from the perfect life?

Nothing is ever what it first appears in a Dan Brown novel. Set over a breathtaking 12 hour time span, the book's narrative takes the reader on an exhilarating journey through a masterful and unexpected landscape as Professor of Symbology, Robert Langdon, is once again called into action. He watched as his partner and lover, Jenna Karats, double agent, was efficiently gunned down by his own agency.

There was nothing left for him but to quit the game, get out. Until, in one frantic moment on a crowded railroad platform in Rome, Havelock saw his Jenna alive. From then on, he was marked for death by both U. Bunz arrived at Mardian she said: "I am a student of the folk-dance. My little monographs on the Abram Circle Bush and the symbolic tea-pawt have been praised ".

She was determined to investigate the rare survival of folk-dancing that was believed to continue to this day at Mardian. No one in the village, from Dame Alice Mardian " a character out of Surtees" to the five sons of the smith, William Andersen, considered their strange annual ritual—the Dance of The Five Sons—to be any business of the rest of the world, or of Mrs.

They did not foresee the macabre tragedy that was to take place on " Sword Wednesday" of the winter solstice, amidst the disguises, the dancing, and the torches that lit the ruins of Mardian Castle for the ancient ceremony. Superintendent Roderick AUeyn found himself faced with a case of great complexity—and also with a flat impossibility. He made many surprising discoveries in his investigations, which required that he should understand the movements of the dancers in their prehistoric rites. At a gruesome reconstruction of the night of Sword Wednesday the impossibility is explained and the murderer revealed in an astonishing climax.

This successor to Scales of Justice and Ngaio Marsh's other fine detective stories will again delight her many readers. I wish them well and hope for the best. June 27, He does think it's cool, though. Andy Chalk. See comments.