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University of Washington Policy Directory. Introduction 2.

Our mission

Types of Endowed Support. Provide guidance to prospective donors and to University staff about the desired size of a gift to attain a particular naming opportunity. Promote uniform naming levels in all UW schools, colleges, programs, and campuses. Ensure that permanent endowments are at sufficiently high levels to appropriately support the desired purposes.

Provide a mechanism for evaluating proposed major naming gifts through the appropriate channels.

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University Policy and Rules Office rules uw. Endowed Funds Endowed funds offer donors the opportunity to give the University and departments maximum flexibility in enhancing their respective programs.

Our mission

Purposes for these funds may include: unrestricted or broadly-defined support, library collections, student travel, publications series, etc. The minimum outright gift for support is as follows:. Endowed funds are available for use by the designated unit. The appropriate administrative or academic leader shall be responsible for administering expenditures from the fund, consistent with the stated uses as defined in the endowment agreement.

Scholarships and Fellowships Endowed scholarships and fellowships offer donors the opportunity to make possible a university education for deserving students. Endowment agreements provide the vehicle for identifying the criteria by which students are selected. Donors do not directly participate in the selection process, but will be notified of the selection.

Third Mission

The minimum outright gifts for various levels of student support are as follows: Undergraduate Student Support. Appointments and Criteria The selection of scholarship and fellowship recipients should be consistent with donor intent as articulated in the endowment agreement. In determining the language for these agreements, the selection criteria should reflect information about students that is readily available from University records.

It is our policy to maintain freedom in research and teaching, which permanently commits us to social, political and technological developments. Increasing flexibilisation and globalisation are the essential frame conditions. Besides our ambition to create profile and visibility in a European and global context, it is above all one of our most outstanding characteristics that our university has acquired a special position in the south-eastern European region. Basic and applied research belong to our excellences, based on the foundations of scientific and ethical integrity.

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  • We foster topical and methodological variety within an international cooperation network. We build our profile by determining research focuses under the consideration of socially relevant research questions. Innovative interdisciplinary research and cooperation are amongst the subjects especially encouraged. We involve our students in research in the context of research-based teaching. We cooperate with excellent European and non-European universities and participate in important networks.

    We actively provide our knowledge and the results generated through research to society. At our university, students are trained to become autonomous and, as graduates with great technical and social skills, to acquire interdisciplinary and critical thinking.

    Institutional Values

    Teaching has the same value as research and is developed according to high quality standards. Research-based teaching allows for the needs of students and requirements of science, society and business. Innovative and interdisciplinary teaching plays a similarly important role as does student counselling and comprehensive education of students.

    Read full text login required. Purpose The University of Virginia is a public institution of higher learning guided by a founding vision of discovery, innovation, and development of the full potential of talented students from all walks of life. We are defined by: Our enduring commitment to a vibrant and unique residential learning environment marked by the free and collegial exchange of ideas; Our unwavering support of a collaborative, diverse community bound together by distinctive foundational values of honor, integrity, trust, and respect; Our universal dedication to excellence and affordable access.

    References Letter from State Council of Higher Education for Virginia to President Sullivan - January 15, Statement of Purpose and Goals Statement of Purpose and Goals University Code of Ethics Approved October 2, , by the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia We perform our public responsibilities, services and activities ethically, competently, efficiently and honestly, in keeping with University policy and applicable law. While in the service of the University, we conduct ourselves free of personal conflicts or appearances of impropriety, mindful that our exercise of authority on behalf of the University has been delegated fundamentally for the public good.

    University of Tsukuba :: Concept / Mission Statement

    Conflicting interests or influences are promptly disclosed to our superiors and appropriate steps are undertaken to promote the integrity of University business and other transactions. We do not accept anything of value offered in consideration of performing our public duties, other than the compensation, benefits and reimbursement of expenses duly authorized by the University or otherwise permitted by law.

    We do not accept any favor, loan, service, business or professional opportunity from anyone knowing or when it should be known that it is offered in order to improperly influence the performance of our public duties, or when acceptance thereof may reasonably be perceived as an impropriety in violation of University policy or state law.