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Credit: see original file. William Desmond philosopher. Within the ethos there are seven potencies of being. This "enabling repertoire of self becoming" has the "character of an endowment", and is thus seen as a gift. The potencies are not a program to follow; they simply are all together the powers from which ethical selvings, expressed through particular senses of being, take their endowment.

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The seven potencies are:. Within the ontological matrix of being, the different potencies can be expressed differently through the senses of being. These ways in which to express the potencies help explore the relations of sameness and difference within the ethos. The four potencies are:. Different philosophers can be seen as embodying different potencies and senses of being throughout the history of philosophy. Kant , for instance, is best defined as a transcendental univocalist.

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Hegel might be defined as a dialectician. Desmond believes, however, that all of these philosophers are somehow haunted by those potencies which they seek to ignore or devalue. There is a dialectics in Kant and there are equivocities in Nietzsche. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. William Desmond philosopher Wikipedia open wikipedia design. William Desmond. Cork , Ireland.