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If it's not obvious at this point: This program is being conducted in English.

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Also, Project Femto needs a logo! Important: The projects are much less structured than a typical exercise sheet. Some students cope well with this, some don't. This is a character trait largely independent of technical ability.

If you are unsure whether or not the format suits you, just try it out. If it doesn't work out this time, just stop. No shame in this.

There'll be future occassions during your studies where you can do research projects once you'll have collected a bit more experience. Give us some feedback -- this is an experiment for us, too. Rules of the Game Femto projects are to be conducted in teams of three students. Nope, you can't do it alone. You don't know people? Get to know people! You are super-qualified and don't want to be held back by slower peers?

Reevaluate how you think about yourself Every team can choose a topic from the list above. Please write an email to Felipe and state your names and which exercise group you belong to. The same topic might be assigned to more than one team, but only if they belong to different exercise groups.

You can propose your own project. It should contain some quantitative aspects. We might modify it or choose not to accept it , though. You'll agree on an appointment with Felipe, who will brief you and point to the literature.

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While he will be happy to answer specific technical questions, Felipe will not guide you through the project! If you feel disoriented by the lack of structure of the projects as compared to an exercise , choose another one, or don't do one now. Ideally, you should be done understanding the science by early January. The Christmas break is your friend! Please update Felipe after the Christmas break on where you stand. You will then prepare a 15 minute presentation.

Please prepare some slides e. Services: Deutschland Mobil Services: 50 Jahre Mondlandung Zukunft der Krebsmedizin.

Klassische Physik

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