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I would have liked the book much better if examples were defined in pure Redis commands. Other than that, I think the book is well written, contains many interesting exampl As others have pointed out, the main problem with this book is that the examples are in Python, not in Redis. Other than that, I think the book is well written, contains many interesting examples and practical ideas on how to implement solutions to common problems in which Redis shines.

Since this is my first time using Redis, I am sure I was no able to grasp or even appreciate the depth of all the knowledge in the book.

Sep 27, Daniel Spajic rated it liked it Shelves: coding. Overall it's informative and teaches you the essentials, but there were still several flaws: - bad code samples. I'd Overall it's informative and teaches you the essentials, but there were still several flaws: - bad code samples.

I'd still recommend this book, though, as it provides a decent overview on using Redis. Jul 21, Khang Nguyen rated it really liked it. Good redis essential.

Some examples are kinda forced, as in Redis is quite possibly not the best choice. For the sake of practices, that's alright, just bear in mind, Redis is a cache engine and more, but not a database. Good intro into Redis and even more.

Part 1 Getting started

If you need just basic knowledge to work with this database - first four chapters are covering most used commands, locks, transactions and replication. That is all you need! Now you can start work with Redis! Later chapters describe how to build and run complex applications on Redis. Most code examples are in phyton so you must be familiar with this language to get most from the source.

Ending chapters includes good info on performance optimization and archit Good intro into Redis and even more. Ending chapters includes good info on performance optimization and architecture of Redis based applications. In overal this book is great source to get familiar with the database. Aug 28, Alessandro Pellizzari rated it liked it Shelves: e , database , handbook , programming , gave-up-on.

Redis Tutorial - A Brief Introduction to Redis

I think this book is good if you want a solid intro to building redis backed python applications. Me, not being a python dev, had a hard time getting any value out of the examples in the book. I really think that every example should first be shown in Redis commands befor the author starts throwing python at it.

The first chapters introducing data types and commands where rally good. Dec 22, Arindam Chakraborty is currently reading it.


Begun reading it on the passing. Caught my attention in the first chapter with a good thorough example of a practical use-case. Will update as I progress. Nov 20, Mattias Lundell rated it really liked it Shelves: Great book, a lot of content and good examples. Julio Sueiras rated it really liked it Jan 20, Kevin rated it liked it Oct 11, A Very Mean Mudskipper rated it liked it Jan 04, Alessandro Nuzzo rated it really liked it Jan 01, Mario Nzualo rated it really liked it Apr 20, Santiago Bel rated it liked it Jan 21, Brett rated it liked it Feb 09, Share2u2m rated it really liked it Nov 22, Arjan rated it liked it Jul 15, Amit Sangh rated it it was ok Sep 16, Su rated it liked it Sep 04, Mohammad Faisal rated it it was amazing May 12, Ethan Stillman rated it really liked it Dec 17, Anguel Lazarov rated it it was amazing Nov 30, Johan Pretorius rated it really liked it May 17, Steven rated it liked it Aug 02, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Goodreads is hiring! If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. About Josiah L. Books by Josiah L. Trivia About Redis in Action. No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The book targets developers with no prior knowledge of Redis or memory storage caching. This leads into a tutorial for installing and configuring Redis on a local server, along with basic data imports for manipulating content in the database.

Later chapters get into much more technical concepts like master-slave data replication and a full example of Redis used in an e-commerce shop. This book explains all the key concepts with a mix of theory and practice. Getting into memory management and DB caching is tough without some prior experience working with databases. Redis Essentials aims to boil down this topic into pages with a technical slant.

The book covers the most efficient workflows for Redis in daily use. The writing style is very technical and it moves quick. You should already have experience with one of these languages if you plan to run Redis on a web server. Other chapters get into security with SSL certs and user authentication. Over the course of pages the author Josiah Carlson walks you through the basics of key-value storage in Redis and how to handle different data types. Most of these solutions focus on real world exercises that force you to practice Redis locally.

Each chapter explains best practices and real techniques you can apply for caching on the web.

Redis Essentials

I would highly recommend this book to anyone just getting started. The development side of Redis covers a slew of languages and techniques based on your dev environment. This is not a complete dive into Redis. Instead this book teaches the fundamentals of programming for building apps on Redis. However this should be used solely by programmers who want a broader look into Redis on the backend. Redis has its own set of best practices which you can read about in Redis Applied Design Patterns by Arun Chinnachamy.

This book spans pages so it is a quick read.

Redis in Action: Buy Redis in Action by Carlson Josiah L. at Low Price in India |

But the information is dense and the case studies are phenomenal. The author builds on top of fundamental Redis knowledge teaching you how to create a notifications system, how to use HyperLogLog, and how to check analytics data on the backend. There is no single best way to use Redis because each scenario has its own goals. But this book introduces a number of best practices that you can apply to any project to improve your workflow and improve your knowledge of Redis in the process.

Before following this book you should have experience building custom applications from scratch and you should already understand a bit about database engines. However you can pick up this book with little prior knowledge of Redis and still work through the content if you have the tenacity to push through. With the skyrocketing popularity of Node. This book ultimately teaches you how to build scalable Node. The author assumes very little prior knowledge of Node or Redis, and both get covered in great detail.

Each chapter covers a variety of new features and the author frequently builds upon 3rd party frameworks like Express. Some chapters even get into Grunt. Redis is optional for Node but your stack will be greatly improved with Redis attached. This book is not a Redis-specific book.