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Every Warcry miniature explores the fierce, tribal cultures that battle across the Eightpoints in stunning detail with warbands from each of the Mortal Realms — and beyond. Create epic narrative campaigns with your friends with an in-depth campaign system. Choose your warband, then battle through bespoke campaign quests for every faction that see your fighters grow in strength, uncover strange artefacts, and unlock mysterious powers as you draw closer to the dark heart of the Eightpoints…. Test your tactical skills with tightly balanced, tournament-ready gameplay.

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Matched play rules in the Core Book allow you to pit your warband against your friends and clubmates in ferocious head-to-head skirmishes with custom competitive rules for tournament and casual gamers alike. Add more players for maximum carnage. Drawn to the Eightpoints in search of dark power and eternal glory, the warbands of Chaos battle endlessly for a place in Archaon's innumerable legions.

Hailing from the Ferrium Mountains in Chamon, the Iron Golems are a hardy and ruthless people who rule over their domain with an iron fist. The stonehearted captains of the Iron Legion, Dominars are masters of battle and strategy. Wielding two-handed spinecrusher mauls, they smash their foes aside with contemptuous ease.

Ogors captured by the Iron Golem are encased in metal plate and driven half-mad with hunger, then loosed upon the enemy like living wrecking balls. Roaring battle-oaths and swinging bone-breaking hammers, they fill the hearts of their comrades with a furious zeal. Feared as much by their own warriors as those of the enemy, the Drillmasters of the Iron Legion maintain discipline through brutality and intimidation.

Prefectors are veterans of the Iron Golems who have survived scores of brutal campaigns. It is their duty to seek out and pulverise enemy champions with their spinecrusher mauls. In battle, they swing their spiked hammers with a strength honed by the forge. These shielded warriors are the backbone of the Iron Legion, forming a wedge of impervious metal that grinds relentlessly over the enemy and crushes them to bloody ruin. The Untamed Beasts hail from the Jagged Savannah, a stretch of grassland dominated by stampeding herd-beasts and hunting packs of predatory monsters. Pack leaders who rule through sheer brutality, these fearsome warriors have devoured the hearts of alpha predators in order to gain a portion of their bestial might.

They hurl barbed harpoons with unerring accuracy to impale their quarry. Possessing jaws tough enough to crush steel and a notoriously bloodthirsty temperament, Rocktusk Prowlers can track the scent of their prey across a vast distance. Preytakers are veteran hunters of the Untamed Beasts who have earned great renown by slaying monstrous fiends. Many carry fanged axes carved from the bones of memorable kills. The sawtooth blade is a traditional weapon amongst Preytakers.

Fashioned from bone, with serrated fangs embedded along its length, each blow from such a sword causes terrible wounds. As relentless and tireless as bloodwolves, Plains-runners pursue their prey for leagues across open ground. When the quarry can run no more, it is hacked and sliced apart with crude, bone-crafted weapons.

Masters of ambush and assassination, warriors of the Cabal tend to possess an unnerving focus, talking little and communicating with a combination of complex hand signals and sharp cries that sound like those of hunting prey-birds. Shadow Piercers are the murderous leaders of the Corvus Cabal, whose task it is to seek out worthy tribute for the Great Gatherer — in the from of slaughtered enemies and stolen loot.

Desiring to emulate the swooping death strikes of hunting birds, Shrike Talons equip themselves with winged harnesses. Leaping from on high, they descend upon their prey in an eviscerating flurry of iron talons. Some Cabalists are blessed by the Great Gatherer with a carrion-bird familiar. This cunning creature can be tasked to spy upon the enemies of the Cabal — or commanded to swoop down and pluck out their eyes.

Cabalists are cold-hearted murderers who fall upon their victims in a flurry of knives and war-picks, butchering their prey before stripping them of valuables and carving bloody trophies from their flesh. Spire Stalkers are agile cutthroats whose domain is the rooftop. Leaping and climbing above the battlefield, they position themselves for the perfect ambush before striking mercilessly. Rulers of the city-state of Nochseed, the Cypher Lords are masters of illusion and deception.

They have gazed into the dark heart of Chaos, and embraced its infinite madness. Thrallmasters are wielders of mind-warping magic. They hurl glass globes filled with choking, shadowy mist even as they direct their minions to victory with the skill of a grand puppeteer. Luminates have stared into the eye of madness and been reborn as agents of anarchic insanity.

In battle they weave complex illusory patterns, seeming to shift their fellow warriors across the field in a ripple of shadow. The warrior ranks of the Cypher Lords consist of ensorcelled battle-thralls leashed to the will of a superior, who sends them forth to kill and die without complaint.

All Mindbound are compelled by their enslavers to relentlessly train in the martial arts, and many wield vicious double-bladed swords. Mirrorblades are elite duellists trained within the sword-colleges of Nochseed. They wield twin duelling blades with dizzying speed, slicing their foes apart piece by piece. Some Mirrorblades choose to specialise in the art of the glaive, keeping their foes at bay with a relentless flurry of strikes.

Hailing from the island of Tzlid, close to the Shyish Nadir, the Unmade are a tribe of cannibal killers obsessed with pain and bodily mutilation. To these sadistic creatures, true worship of Chaos can be achieved only through the giving and receiving of agony. Having transformed themselves into pure instruments of torment, Blissful Ones caper and whirl across the battlefield, their scythe-limbs bloodily dismembering anything in their path.

These warriors have taken the first steps upon the path to Unmaking, flaying the skin from their own faces and taking up instruments of excruciation with which to peel the flesh from their foes. The brutal polearms wielded by Awakened Ones are tipped with hooks and cruel man-catcher jaws, used to impale and drag enemy warriors to the ground.

Having carved their own limbs off and replaced them with gruesome flesh-hooks, these depraved killers are one step closer to the sadistic enlightenment that they crave. Unlike many warrior cults, the Splintered Fang see no dishonour in the use of poison as a weapon. Indeed, it is perhaps their most vital asset. It is said that the blood of the daemonic Coiling Ones boils within the veins of Trueblood champions, granting them the uncanny reflexes and blinding speed for which they are so greatly feared. The snakes that the Splintered Fang employ as living weapons are tainted by the corrupting touch of the Coiling Ones and possessed of both unnatural cunning and terrible, flesh-eating venoms.

Few warriors match blades with these master duellists and survive to tell the tale. Clearbloods are the foot soldiers of the Splintered Fang; neophyte cultists who seek to prove their devotion to the Coiling Ones by slaying their foes with poison-dripping blades. The shields wielded by Splintered Fang warriors are tipped with barbed spikes, laced with the same lethal toxins as the Clearbloods carry on their blades. In the hands of a Venomblood, a barbed and poisoned whip is a terrifyingly unpredictable weapon, able to slip past shields and wrap around throats with lethal results.

Eschewing the protection of a buckler in order to maximise their lethality, some Venombloods are skilled in the art of dual-wielding toxin-laced blades. Wielding a barbed whip in tandem with a parrying dagger, some Venombloods overwhelm their foes with a whirlwind of deadly, lashing strikes. Sent by their gods and masters on secret missions, the warbands of Order pursue a relentless hidden war against Archaon in the shadow of the Varanspire using elite warbands of hardened veterans.

Forged by Sigmar from the souls of heroes, the Stormcast Eternals are the foremost champions of Order and some of the deadliest fighters in the realms. Raining death upon the enemy from afar, Vanguard-Raptors armed with longstrike crossbows are marksmen with few equals. Poised in well-chosen vantage points, they wait with bolts loaded until the perfect prey appears.

Vanguard-Raptors are natural hunters, scouting ahead of the main battle line to harry the enemy with deadly ranged fire. Those armed with hurricane crossbows can stall the most determined enemy advance with withering quick-fire volleys. Vanguard-Hunters are daring raiders and expert scouts who prosecute the war against Chaos in the most challenging environments. These veterans can turn the tide of battle in one bold action, loosing shots into the foe as they dash through the fray. Gryph-hounds are pack-hunting creatures from the realm of Azyr, noble beasts that detest corruption.

Their sharp senses pierce deception as easily as their beaks and claws shred the flesh of the unfaithful. Native to the mountains of Azyr, Aetherwings are fierce and loyal. In battle, they hunt in close concert with their Stormcast allies, soaring high above the fray before diving to savage their foes with beak and claw. The Daughters of Khaine seek power through bloodshed.

With every butchered foe, they worship their murderous deity Khaine, and as gore splatters across their flesh they are driven into a rapturous killing frenzy. Plummeting out of low clouds, the Khinerai Lifetakers are swift-attack specialists, elite ambushers that swoop into battle to scythe down foes with their barbed sickles.

The Khinerai Heartrenders are swift and merciless, sky-predators that scan the battlefield for suitable quarry. These bat-winged aelves streak down from on high, using downward momentum to launch a volley of barbed javelins before swooping off to avoid any return fire.

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Blood Sisters are Melusai, the true daughters of their creator, Morathi. In them are vengeance and spite made manifest. Together, the Witch Aelves are the army of Khaine, devotees of bloodshed and murder. Relying upon speed and dexterity over armour, they dash into combat, slashing at the enemy with zealous abandon. Masters of the kruip-lash — the barbed whip — the Sisters of Slaughter are fanatical Khaine worshippers that have dedicated their lives and bodies to perfecting the art of dealing death.

The mysterious aelves of the deeps emerge from the waves only to raid the lands of surface-dwellers. They seek neither treasure nor coin, but the very souls of the living. The core infantry of the Idoneth Deepkin, the Namarti Thralls advance into battle brandishing an array of vast two-handed weapons known as lanmari blades. Namarti Reavers are the fast-moving scouts and archers of the Idoneth Deepkin phalanxes.

Armed with silent-firing whisperbows they harry foes from afar or advance closer to send out a deadly volley of arrows. Swift and hard-hitting, the Akhelian Morrsarr Guard are aggressive fast cavalry. In a blurring streak, they are upon the foe. Backed by the speed of the Fangmora Eel, the lowered voltspears of the Akhelians strike with lethal impact. In a slithering serpentine rush, the Akhelian Ishlaen Guard speed across the battlefield to crash headlong into the foe. While the Fangmora Eels lash out with their tails and rip apart the foe with their wicked bites, the riders rain down a flurry of blows with their flashing blades.

Not even the Eightpoints can escape Nagash's wrath. In the Ravaged Lands, the Death God's will is prosecuted by elite warbands of undead and maniac bands of cannibalistic ghouls that believe themselves to be noble questing knights. The Nighthaunts are malevolent spirits cursed to an eternity of suffering and enslaved to the will of Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead.

A sword or axe might pass right through a Chainrasp without finding purchase, but the spiked clubs and rusted blades wielded by these evil beings can mangle flesh and shatter bone. Arch plotters and schemers in life, Grimghast Reapers are cursed in their undeath to kill indiscriminately. Spirit Hosts are the souls of the damned, stripped of body and identity, screaming endlessly for the life they have lost. A Glaivewraith Stalker is an unstoppable force. Its long blade always points at the beating heart of its intended victim.

Nagash commands numberless hordes of undead. Yet even the Great Necromancer cannot be everywhere at once, and so he relies upon generals and agents to enforce his will. Necromancers have sacrificed everything in pursuit of the most forbidden lore, gaining mastery over the dead in exchange for their mortal soul. With a gesture they bring rotting corpses and skeletal warriors crawling up from the grave, binding them to their service.

Armed with ensorcelled blades and clad in ancient relic armour, the Grave Guard are the elite infantry of tomb and barrow, skeletal champions who march and slay in perfect formation. When a Deathrattle king sends out the call to war, his skeletal thralls respond in their endless multitudes, arming themselves with ancient, pitted weapons and grasping battered shields. Victims of an ancient and terrible curse, the mordants of the Flesh-eater Courts believe themselves to be noble knights engaged in a battle against evil, when in fact they are cannibalistic monsters who prey upon the mortal races to satiate their ravenous hunger.

Monstrous predators of the sky, Crypt Flayers flock together in a beating of dark wings and hissing maws. Filled with a dark hunger, Crypt Ghouls pounce upon their prey. They are ferocious in great numbers, as each mordant competes with its kin for food. The unruly followers of Destruction will go anywhere, and travel vast, dangerous distances, for a good scrap — even if it takes them to the dark heart of Archaon's infernal dominion. Cruel, cunning and treacherous, the Gloomspite Gitz infest the dank places of the Mortal Realms like a mouldering fungus.

Though anarchic creatures by their very nature, when they unite under a common cause they are capable of wholescale destruction. Squig Hoppers bound madly into battle, wreaking havoc on anything they collide with. Moonclan Stabbas form ragged ranks that advance upon the foe with gongs clanging and banners waving.

Moonclan Shootas gather in sizeable skulkmobs that rain black-fletched arrows upon the enemy.

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Herding squigs is a dangerous job, and ends more often than not in being messily devoured. Yet for those especially hard-bitten grots that can pull it off, prestige with the local boss and a heap of shiny riches await. Herds of Cave Squigs scamper into battle gnashing their huge fangs and sinking them into anything that comes near. The Ironjawz are the biggest and hardest orruks of all. Clad in pig-iron armour and swinging enormous, bone-breaking weapons, they wreak untold devastation across the realms. Brutes lumber into battle seeking out the biggest monsters and the most violent enemies to batter into submission.

Tightly packed ranks of Ardboys plough into the fray to the sound of booming war drums and snapping banners. Shoulder plate to shoulder plate, the orruks fight ferociously, their violence focussed by the roaring orders of their boss and their eagerness to impress the mighty Ironjawz. Even other orruks regard Bonesplitterz with a certain degree of caution, for these savage greenskins have fully embraced the feral spirit of Gorkamorka.

Roaring unintelligible war cries, Savage Orruk Morboys charge towards the meanest foes they can see. A furious tide of tattooed green flesh, the Savage Orruks tear ragged holes in the enemy lines. Whereas Gork prefers to look his enemy in the eye when he bashes their face in, Mork has no reservations about sticking his foes when they are looking in the other direction, or when they are too far away to hit back.

Arrowboys favour this cunning way of combat, filling their quarry full of wicked arrows before moving in to finish them off with stabby things. Savage Big Stabbas are orruks that carry massive Gork Toof spears into battle. The greenskins thrust these massive weapons into the hearts of monsters. Enhance your battlefield with expansion sets representing the most war-torn corners of the Eightpoints with new rules, game mats, and scenery - crumbling cities, ancient ruins, and more The Corpsewrack Mausoleum allows you to bring your battles to one of the countless charnel sites of the Mortal Realms, as your warband fights for supremacy amidst the nameless dead of ages past.

Tombs and gravestones make for unreliable terrain, while spiked fences are transformed into vital defensive strongpoints. This Ravaged Lands set allows you to build gothic graveyards replete with iron fences, broken graves and imposing tombs. Included Terrain Cards allow you to generate awesome battlefields in minutes, while varied scenery offers all sorts of tactical challenges and keeps your games fresh.

Now, it forms a brutal battleground. I stood by my partner all this time, I ended up minding her son 3 times for 8 weeks each time while she had to go to hospital, i gave all i could, all i had, and more, it took everything out of me. She has now been out of her last hospital stay for a year and is recovering, it is beautiful to see and she is returning to the beautiful person that I love and always loved.

However 4 weeks ago she ended the relationship. My whole world collapsed, i screamed in pain for 3 weeks solid, the pain was like my skin had been torn off, unbearable, i had a breakdown. I still cannot believe this is happening after all that we went through together. I firmly that she is the woman for me, for the rest of my life and i cannot let go if this idea. Anyway, sorry for veering off the subject of your article so i'll come back to it now. My loss of myself and my identity is so huge that i do not know who i am, what i like, I have no friends left and i mean not even 1 because i let them all go to mind my partner and my family lives a couple of thousand miles away.

I do not even know where to start looking for recovery from this heartbreak which i realise now has been on-going for the last 4 years. I want to practice self-love and i do not even know where to start, what words to say to myself.

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In the article you say do things that you'll be happy to have done, you know what i don' t know what i want to do, what i like to do. I would love some guidance as to how to practice self love please. I mean guidance on a very basic level. I need a way out of this pain and most of all i know i need to find me again, the self that is within but i don't even know where to start looking. Thank you Thierry. I have been there! I know! A breakup was the cause of my attempted suicide. I was in the black hole you are in.

Now, years later I am soooo glad that man left me! So glad I lived! I've done a LOT of inner work. Once you step out and let the Universe know you want to grow all kinds of stuff will happen to help you on your journey! I took a class at a Unity church on co-dependency where we had to make a list of our perfect mate. I met my soul mate a year later and he had every quality I'd listed!

We were married on ! Hello Thierry, I'm sorry for the delay in responding to you. That you are "so glad that you lived. I love Ruiz's books as well - like his philosophy very much Thierry. Congratulations on opening yourself to loving again. And, thank God, you lived. Warm regards to you. If u have no friends around then they were never really friends I was incredibly moved by your words and I felt great empathy towards you. If you choose not to reply I understand. But did you ever find that self love over the last 4 years? I came across this article also suffering from heartbreak in late 40s!

I believed he was the man for me too but he was too weak to accept my love. The really good article above was written by Deborah Khoshaba, Psy. Rita commented on it. Thierry addressed Rita as the author of the article when he poured his guts out. I responded to Thierry because my heart ached for his pain. Deborah Khoshaba, Psy. We are all one so it doesn't matter but I found this interesting!

Club Recovery is a sobriety based club with has all kinds of recovering meetings. I am the editor of our local newsletter and would like to reprint your article on the 7 steps to self love. Please let me know. We are a c3 non profit organization in Hernando, Florida. The newsletter is published to our 80 members and put out as some of the local rehab centers. Hello John, I think you got my personal email. But just in case you did not. I give you permission. Please reference me when you do. Best to you and congratulations on the good work you are doing to help people to heal from addictions.

Warmly Deborah.

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Do you have any easy read books on humanity and self love if you have read any that were helpful please let me know their titles. You've provided the best definition of self-love I could find. I will be quoting you in my presentations. Thank you.

I believe that the lack of self-love is rooted in abandonment issues at least, for me from very early on in my childhood. My father was severely mentally ill, isolated, and went to a mental institution when I was 2 years, 2 months old. I was mute until past my 3rd birthday. The absence of "Daddy love," the anxieties of his presence without affection, and the deep longing I had for his caring created a deep chasm in me that seemingly could never be filled. I joined a Step fellowship and found out I was Co-Dependent.

It takes having a program, medication, counseling, Steps and a willingness to not give up I have been going through a week of realizations just was searching for how to love self. Few days ago I was diagnosed with having a digestive disorder. And on the same day my doctor was charged with sexual abuse. I sat there knowing that my lack of self love allows so much distruction in so many areas in so many ways.

It shows up in everything. And now I was experiencing its effects. I sat there and I went in and realized that the one thing beyond doubt that I knew was that GOD loves me unconditionally despite all my flaws. I sat there and asked him why And now I am looking at how to love self. And there he is again with a reminder. Thank you bless you always. I agree that knowing we are loved by our God gives us the faith, courage and strength to do what we need to do to love ourselves in the way God meant for us.

The artwork of the woman hugging herself is gorgeous. Do you know the artist who originated this work? I believe that a significant hurdle to self love is internalizing a model of healthy love. When we have lived associating love with our inner wounds and yearnings, with enmeshment and clinging security, then we will attempt to project that false model within.

In my experience self love simply occurs unbidden when we have removed sufficient debris of trauma to leave an empty place, then knowing self is to love self, and we finally have a model from which to love others. Thanks, I enjoyed your article, it has been of great help.

I have been in physical and and abusive relationships, I even have a friend who is always belittling me. I thought I deserved such treatment, I didn't have the guts to stand up for myself, because I didn't want confrontation. It's only now i know it's because I didn't have any self-love. I will use your article as guidance, thanks.

I shared this on my facebook and instagram page!!!! I can't begin to tell you how I cried reading this.

How I know these things but I haven't gotten to the place where I can do these things for me. I'm with a life coach right now. Make sure you check out my excerpt about self love at www. I find this article very helpful. My journey towards self-love isn't easy because I have so many negative people in my life. I have realized that even though I'm very close to these people, they are hurting me far more than helping me. They have caused me so many days of self-hate and depression and I really can't take it anymore.

They always blame me for everything, even their own mistakes. I began to feel like it was really my fault when it actually wasn't. I started feeling stupid and like all I did was screw things up. I felt worthless and undeserving of love. I hated myself. But I know now that those things aren't true. These people had me believing it and didn't even care. I can't do this anymore with them. I can't suffer any longer. I have to get them out of my life. It's very courageous to decide that you have to make some changes. Be patient with yourself because some changes are very difficult to make.

When we change what we believe we change what we do! Our thoughts control what we do! Very helpful and to the point article It's about doing the things that is good and right for you in all aspects of your life at your "expense". Being intentional seem to find its way in just about everything - It certainly pays to be intentional with self without being Selfish. I've recently been causing stress on my relationship with my girlfriend. I don't get along with her friends, but try very hard to go out with them and enjoy being sociable.

Knowing how much she values their friendship, and my willingness to open up for them, really drives me to put myself out there. However, her friends often say little things to me that are rude, and I'm finding that I really am hypersensitive. I'm trying to learn to love myself more in order to not sweat the little things these people say. John you say you are uncomfortable with your girlfriend friends. That's a fact. Is this a girlfriend you see yourself getting married to in the near future or Not?

If yes, then you are looking on a "lifetime" and you must decide from now what you are totally willing to live with overtime. While you think Is it because of something about you that you are uncomfortable with and you think they notice even when they don't? OR- Is it something you can clearly identify about them that you are uncomfortable with?

If yes - Then you first need to discuss all the issues with your girlfriend and tell her exactly how you feel, with a view for her to be a helping agent in the change. Do it in such a way that is not offensive Like starting by saying Babes, Darling.. If you can - decide together how you will work on the issues to create the change How she can help you change or be more confident If the concerns are real and change is out of the question Then your girlfriend must decide who is more valuable to her.

I will tell you that if you plan for the long term the relationship between you and your girlfriend must be the most valuable next to God. If a boyfriend or girlfriend is going to jeopardize that relationship then a severing or lessening of ties must be considered. You should not force yourself into an uncomfortable situation if it can be helped. Ideally Love in the circle is preferred Weigh the options and let the decision be something you are comfortable with.

Beautifully written and wonderful reminders. In my life and in my own practice with clients will I encourage self-love. Thank you Raji. I'm always so pleased to know I've inspired a person toward him or her best self. Best regards Deborah. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Educating for the Future. Inflammation and the 3 Paths of Depression in Older Adults. Deborah Khoshaba Psy. People who have more self-love tend to know what they think, feel, and want. They are mindful of who they are and act on this knowledge, rather than on what others want for them.

Act on what you need rather than what you want. You love yourself when you can turn away from something that feels good and exciting to what you need to stay strong, centered, and moving forward in your life, instead. By staying focused on what you need, you turn away from automatic behavior patterns that get you into trouble, keep you stuck in the past, and lessen self-love. Practice good self-care. You will love yourself more, when you take better care of your basic needs.

People high in self-love nourish themselves daily through healthy activities, like sound nutrition , exercise, proper sleep, intimacy and healthy social interactions.

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Set boundaries. You'll love yourself more when you set limits or say no to work, love, or activities that deplete or harm you physically, emotionally and spiritually, or express poorly who you are. Protect yourself. Bring the right people into your life. I love the term frenemies that I learned from my younger clients. It describes so well the type of "friends" who take pleasure in your pain and loss rather than in your happiness and success.

My suggestion to you here: Get rid of them!