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Is he involved in the racket? And what is the truth behind the plane crash at sea in which Clint Hill, chief pilot for Stanwide was killed?


Frank and Joe launch an aerial search for clues to the platinum thieves' hideout, believing that they will also uncover the mystery behind Hill's accident. The puzzling trail of clues leads the young sleuths to an uninhabited Caribbean island, near the scene of the plane crash - then to a mountaintop in Montana and a danger-filled showdown with the band of theives. But the final discovery - and the most startling and exciting revelation of all - is made in the boys' hometown of Bayport.

Best Hardy Boys Mysteries Books - Top Ten List

Another excellent story from the Hardy boys series. Frank and Joe become employees to investigate. A dead man keeps speaking but remember the Scooby Doo rule! Review : Not bad at all.

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The boys get to do a lot of flying, something that becomes a key part of their investigative tool box for most of the series. I think the s and s loved the idea of freedom through the air because the Hardy Boys sure do love them some flying. This book has a good mystery, gang members who throw grenades, a presumed dead pilot who keeps haunting the living pilot who took his job, a tornado, a severe storm on an island, Chet being humorous in a way that ties right into the plot, and chattering bad guys in the end as we wrap it up.

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  5. Setting : Bayport, plus briefly the Caribbean and Montana. Which Chums Show Up? Mostly Chet.

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