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He is to plant trees as an example ,annual spring trees ,to the southeast ,northeast of Chongqing flanks ,road side trees ,hillsides ,up momentum , was a documentary study Dazhai. A year for ten years is not a tree ,not flicker ,is a number of from tree to tree. About Chongqing good Bo Xilai ,for example ,abercrombie,Chongqing best two blind old farmer makes him very much. The two farmers to adopt an abandoned baby ,and take her from three or four pounds has been raised up to now ,the little girl was 14 years old ,is a lively. Bo Xi, the blind support themselves are struggling ,but their home is not easy meat eating, two blind people to eat lean meat girl ,that people really good.

Chongqing spirit to do there thought and the connotation of City Bo Xilai said ,two blind men see abandoned babies are enthusiastically adopted 14 years ,by contrast ,now some people become rich ,selfish ,I see there are children who need help ,also to pay no heed ,pretending not to see past. Chongqing is in the process of development is to have spiritual civilization ,have moved people things ,can not just say money.

He thinks ,a city to earn money if light ,light economy and technology is not enough, one city ,hogan,one needs to have a mental ,emotional ,cultural ,thinking ,Chongqing hand to put the economy catch, a hand to grasp spirit ,moncler,culture ,thought ,emotion ,louboutin,to be a gentle ,thought and connotation of the city. Bo Xilai said ,this is why Chongqing should encourage everyone to read ,and Chongqing TV version of reason. At the end of his speech ,Bo Xilai also encouraged Chongqing deputies to the National People in Beijing during multiple and brotherly city people ,because Chongqing is maybe some things is not good ,do wrong ,biased.

Minister of education Yuan Guiren yesterday to the Chongqing delegation ,listen to the representatives of the government work report the deliberation opinions. Foreign media said that North Korea faces,abercrombie, big drought causes severe food shortages,piumini moncler, especially in the north of the Yellow Sea and other important agricultural area. A sustained drought severely affected the Korean agricultural sector.

The southwest the Yellow Sea South Road and the Yellow Sea road to have a total of hectares, neighboring Pyongyang peace road hectares of crops were dying. Coast of multiple local crop growth retardation, river and reservoir water level descending cause outage,moncler, livestock is also affected by the influence of water shortage. On the current situation of the food security threat the safety of the residents. At present,abercrombie paris, the international FAO has forecast its food shortage will continue to deteriorate,polo ralph lauren, more worried about a large population starved to death.

Reported that, due to the April launch of a long-range ballistic missile, the United States and South Korea refused to provide food aid,hogan, North Korea had to apply to the Southeast Asian countries. Although South Korea the Yellow Sea is a major granary, but according to reports today spring since people have been starved to death.

In addition, because of inadequate rainfall,louboutin pas cher, North Korean hydroelectric power station power decrease, residents raised strong dissatisfaction. EFE says, Korea government recently issued a notice that, since 4 since the end of June persistent drought in some areas, only a few field less than 10 millimeters of rainfall,air jordan, the autumn harvest will be seriously threatened, this will add to the food crisis in North korea. Go up century since 90 time,doudoune moncler, Korea has long suffered from the economic crisis, and since then it is dependent on foreign food aid.

In addition, already does not adapt to the requirement of agricultural policies, the excessive use of fertilizers, lack of energy and fuel, as well as deforestation and other factors also increasingly aggravated the Korean food crisis. We stock a lot of what happened in the past,louboutin, well received by users. Today,moncler outlet, we come to check in on ,piumini moncler, stars cry of different events. International online entertainment report Han Song Hye Kyo hydergine career first film awards,doudoune moncler, excited she cried a tear Biao Biao,moncler, to temper.

The abroad Song Hye Kyo is on the morning back to Korea to participate in the ceremony. The GMB union chairman Kenny said,abercrombie paris, union has been the government forcing into the corner, to launch a national strike. The trade unions will use account surplus,polo ralph lauren, to ensure that low-income members living is not affected.

Since this year January,piumini moncler, the Union began with the Cabinet Office Minister Majed to cut pensions, last Thursday to discuss the reactive and also, the union decided to launch a preemptive strike. The GMB union chairman Kenny said, union has been the government forcing into the corner,air jordan, to launch a national strike; Unison union president Prentiss said, it will be there was no parallel in history. The mass action, health,doudoune moncler, government departments, schools, University, police,moncler, more than one million people will participate in the.

In addition, the National Bureau of Statistics announced last month, British unemployment rate rose for the 6 consecutive month; International Labor Organization estimates,moncler outlet, to July quarter unemployment rose to Finally, the Labrador dog was alive. At that time,louboutin pas cher, the owner came back to see Burchet in the dog house smoke-filled house,moncler, in that no one decided after the father rushed up the stairs and save the other family pets. The firemen arrived,hogan, a stone bench in the house found a Labrador stand in was unable to move,ralph lauren, as if to lose consciousness.

In addition, the firemen still can of hair on the water,piumini moncler, and the oxygen mask on,doudoune moncler pas cher, after a rescue, 7 year old Kodak finally pick up to a life. In a successful save Keda,louboutin, the dog was sent to a nearby hospital treatment and observation. Cute Dongyu Zhou, suddenly moved by the deputy director,ralph lauren, then moved to Zhang Yimou. Although Zhang Yimou was home, but not for online biography two a relative.

Lee Yo-Won Lee Yo-Won Lee Yo-Won cute cute warm Sina entertainment news Korean actress Lee Yo-Won recently for a clothing brand shoot a group of the most recent winter portrait,moncler, beautiful and lovely dress up,moncler, show girls show to not monotonous is not boring style through the cold winter method. I saw Lee Yo-Won wearing a variety of winter clothes,abercrombie paris, lying in a kitten with a ball of wool and her happy expression phase contrast,louboutin, well demonstrated in the cold winter leisure at home for winter woman image.

But the judge William Sam Peale adopted the opinion,piumini moncler, and was recently made a decision on the case. Aboriginal legal ways to solve the problems according to the local tradition and usually perform, buffalo is near rice planting area important labor. Deadly poisonous mushrooms Australian new network reports,hogan, a woman of many years old 50 June 2nd in Melbourne hill in the park near the plucking suspected death cap mushroom poisonous mushroom poisoning after, almost dead.

It is reported, poisoning women is a Chinese tourists, her 2 in a private house and relatives,moncler outlet, eating a poisonous mushroom. Hill Hospital, was later transferred to Austen hospital poisoning branch, still in intensive care unit. Virginia Department of Health warned, autumn poison mushroom growth provides ideal conditions,air jordan, including the death cap mushroom and macular mushroom.

The poisonous mushrooms contain Amanita toxin,ralph lauren, may attack generated DNA enzyme, resulting in liver failure. They are very dangerous. Enterprises and organizationsthat could not be more innovative? Are they filled with dull ,abercrombie,unimaginative people? Or are people just not working hard enough? After three the answer is : No ,no, no. Enterprises can not display greater innovation spirit ,must be due to some other cause.

What is it? The problem for senior managers is that ,moncler,as you walk round the office area or on the organization chart ,may not see anything wrong.

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Employees sit at a desk or conference room ,all the work with quiet hard application. Some seemingly two-way communication behavior emerging. And then there are all those e-mails ,instant messages and texts. All of these will make you confident ,good ideas must be flowing freely within the organisation. Filtered ads think again. All kinds of unseen bottlenecks and undiscovered talent may be lurking within your business. Employees will never make the right ,can lead to valuable innovation association.

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  8. Social network analysis technology has been available for some time,louboutin, but the enterprise response delay, to make the most of them. This situation is changing. Network roundtable is a membership organization ,study how to use the Internet to improve enterprise performance. What hinders effective network of cooperation development? Professor Cross says ,in which the existence of a few mistakes, some relatively apparent. But at the same time ,also has to be management discipline. In the network, play a decisive role is members of the network quality ,rather than quantity. Noisy self-promoters ,unable to build useful or interesting network.

    You can see them in the office area walk as if on wings ,ignoring the organization chart ,making connections, find out useful information ,and transform it into something of value. Leaders should look more critically at their own networks. A handful of faithful people may make for a support network ,but the network won be a very creative. Sometimes ,senior managers will have to take extraordinary measures ,in order to encourage the growth of more effective cooperation. Professor Cross introduces a consumer goods manufacturers is how to preparation for the staff party and undertake the technology investment.

    The company bought a batch of storing each participant experience electronic badge ,when overlapping knowledge and expertise colleagues standing together,doudoune moncler pas cher, their badges will shine. Professional technical personnel to adjacent in a way that they had resisted cooperation.

    The result is ,a highly successful new product to be born ,and had it not been for the party ,the company may never develop the product. Professor Cross points out some other existing in company interior ,moncler,obstacles to cooperation. They may be a small group of controls the flow of information and the decision-making process of technical experts. They may be too careful ,do not have the ability to judge new ideas ;although expert in some areas ,but is unable to find the potential innovation. In addition to the question of energy.

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    Business leaders is to be full of go under ,or instead consume their energy? After an encounter with the boss ,piumini moncler,the staff is excited or depressed? Professor Cross discovered ,the above problems reveals very quickly ,the organization network is effective. Even in the exciting, leading-edge world of innovation ,monotonous management basic principles still plays an important role in. You must know how to encourage employees to build informal invisible network ,make the service for you.

    This will become the source of innovation. On the face of it,abercrombie paris, your company may run a good. Dig deeper. The suitable talents between communication? In the worst cases ,as the consultant Jon Katzen Bach Jon Katzenbach has pointed out ,everyone is smiling ,but the building is on fire. The reporter investigates discovery ,bank lending is delaying time ,hope in the interest rate hike is expected to clear after the bank lending. The newspaper news reported according to the media ,the last week of January ,Nanjing ,Hangzhou ,Fuzhou and several other first-tier cities have much home bank suspended individual mortgage lending ,the reason is the loan amount is long gone.

    It is reported ,two weeks before the January new credit has exceeded 1. Although some banks that are still accepting applications, but the loans extended. Industry sources ,the central bank interest rate hike is expected to increase in advance ,if the recent rate hike ,these lenders mortgage interest rates will also improve. Nanjing :bank mortgage lenders reportedly suspended ,Nanjing currently has a number of banks to stop loans lenders ,piumini moncler,such as bank ,abercrombie,ICBC, bank etc. Some have been approved but not yet the issuance of individual housing loan ,need to wait until the 2 month to get.

    Nanjing is a large state-owned bank customer Mr. Zhang years ago in Nanjing Longjiang intermediary of a real estate office bought a set of second-hand house ,ralph lauren,then to the bank for yuan of loan, loan procedures years ago have run down ,the bank also approval agrees, but as of the end of bank credit runs out, the bank agreed in January this year give him a loan ,which is expected in January 22nd ,real estate intermediary informs him ,January the bank credit lines are used, all loans stopped ,his house loan does not.

    A large Nanjing bank customer Mr. Mao in January 20th signed the purchase contract ,moncler outlet,paid yuan Shoufu ,to the bank loan about yuan ,but the afternoon of January 21st ,suddenly received a loan officer informed ,that just received the province of documents ,to January 18th, after signing the customer no longer put loan. A bank branch said ,to suspend lending banks are lending out since January ,while waiting for the February loan customers lining up ,this situation may to March will be eased. Hangzhou :some banks have stopped accepting the last property market unpopular Hangzhou city also is the same.

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    The bank now has the full month of credit is used up. Bank of China a number of outlets of the credit department staff told reporters ,in January has basically stopped lending ,even now through the examination and approval ,also it will take until February to lend. A joint-stock bank loan officer told reporters ,the present application ,louboutin,they have no assurance can be approved.

    Centaline Property and its mortgage Proxy Companies Department of Han mortgage business senior manager in an interview with this reporter said ,indeed some branch because no amount of Bank of China and the suspension of loans ,they have some customer loans had been approved, should be in this month loan ,doudoune moncler pas cher,was pushed to the next month. The bank says ,this stop was only temporary ,since February 1st, but returned to normal.

    However ,the Han mortgage senior business manager said ,later ,the bank loan amount will be monthly limit,doudoune moncler, so do not rule out the loans have been tense situation. ICBC ,Agricultural Bank of China ,China Construction Bank loan officers when accepted newspaper reporter when consulting said ,has not received notice of the suspension of loans ,loan approval and issuance as usual. The reporter also to the people China Merchants Bank ,China ,Shanghai Pudong development ,deep development joint-stock bank loan advisory staff ,each other are told reporters ,has not received notice of the suspension of loans ,loans or business loans or not, as usual ,approval and issuance.

    However ,much home bank loan officers said ,the current policy faces bigger uncertainty, credit control policy is becoming more and more obvious, and the interest rate may be canceled before the comfortable environment of preferential policies, whether business loans ,or loans ,and loan demand ,moncler,to better handle. Market survey of buyers look forward to future policy according to Xinhua news agency, the National Bureau of statistics of China economic monitoring center and many other institutions recently issued a joint investigation data shows ,the fourth quarter of buyers wait-and-see attitude obviously ,at the same time for future policy is expected.

    This investigation shows ,hogan,Chinese buyers confidence index for The survey shows that ,the purchase of real estate market situation satisfaction index for Among them, property buyers to the economic trend and its purchase remained confident, respectively Buyers expect confidence index for Contrast the current satisfaction index that property buyers in the future ,abercrombie paris,half of the real estate confidence has increased markedly ,said the purchase of real estate market in the future there is a certain degree of expectation.

    June 15,hogan, ,doudoune moncler, Brasilia,abercrombie paris, Brazil before Congress,louboutin pas cher, a group of students naked football,air jordan, so as to express political views. Caption: Brazil college girl nude soccer. For transport during the spring festival may occur during the illegal use of consumer fraud passenger ticket, Shanghai Railway Police specialized lists a variety of fraud cases, remind the passengers not to convenience and the outlaws when. According to investigation,louboutin, two women out of 2 tickets by patching counterfeit counterfeit tickets, they then would come the ticket window ticket will really return, reap ill-gotten gains.

    In order to find out the situation,moncler, according to the online publication number,doudoune moncler, railway police and for ticket person agreed the meeting time and place. On 3 January, ticket vendors, Yang Ning Mou in Shanghai people s Square subway mouth, at higher cost price yuan price to the passenger reselling a Shanghai to Chengdu train hard seat ticket, was caught by plainclothes police.

    Via checking, Yang Ning,abercrombie, some are Shanghai field, two people meet to peddle ticket have good prospects of gain, then,moncler outlet, came up with a new recipe: online post, solicit the business. Forged license illegal operation of Railway Police Combat scalpers from squad police learned that, Qingpu District surplus Harbor Road, Century Lianhua supermarket next to a store has a price to peddle ticket.

    After careful investigation found that the police handling the case, the store was a regular train ticket outlets,hogan, due to bad business, moved out. Illegal operation period, uttering forged before operating units of the bronze, business license,abercrombie paris, bank accounts and financial dedicated seal, illegal operation of train tickets on sale business. Inthe trial room ,Tiejun to reporters ,cold eyes ,and one by one at present all the reporters.

    People photo Tiejun, occupation of hitmen, aggressive ,commit all sorts ,abercrombie,in some let him three points. September 26, , San Haojie occurred together with case. One side of the head of iron army-invincible army to brandish a sword cut down several men ,one of them seriously ,was sent to the hospital.

    Iron in order to rogue in gained stick had the knife into the hospital emergency room ,is to do the operation hacked in operation table. Manufacturing was a sensation in Shenyang detective. A mysterious woman assassin trail details exposed peace police plan to arrest homicide fugitives ,iron in the first row. Around his social relations ,air jordan,project group launch carpet investigation.

    In November of this year, police obtained an important clue :murder and iron ,and has been called a yellow women together. The yellow is not a common people ,social clubs ,the thunder than Tiejun difference. Find the yellow and can be found in the iron army-invincible army. The police understood , yellow ,living in the metro area, have a child ,at the age of 20 years old.

    All the signs indicate that ,children are likely to be her and Tiejun illegitimate child. The police find a way to yellow ,but the worn-out mouth skin, a little useful information has not been. The police had to use the killer: we are looking for your son for investigation! Yellow think again: don find my son ,I tell you. The original , yellow iron army-invincible army after the murder and fled to Jilin ,doudoune moncler pas cher, after two years after their return to Shenyang ,louboutin,shortly after giving birth to son. These years, is through iron army-invincible army relatives give a child cost of maintenance.

    The police followed the clues to find the relative ,do 3 days work ,hogan,obtained an important clue: Tiejun has renamed the bleaching of identity, and married, at present, and brother ,motherhood. After a difficult persuasion ,education ,his brother and mother spit : he has changed his name to Guo Zishun ,as if in Heilongjiang.

    The police immediately find the household network ,and finding Guo Zishun. He is the new two generation ID card, the household registration falls on the border between China and Russia in Heilongjiang town. More than 30 hours after the place of its captured catch this guy is not easy, simple ,we 5 police officers more than 30 hours without sleep ,just hold him. Said complex, generations of Shenyang police depressed for 21 years ,can now be a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of the. On November 24th, peace security bureau deputy director Lu Bin told reporters.

    Toss and turn in Jia Musi ,Jixi ,Mishan ,Hegang ,mountain … … After more than 30 hours of forced marches, Lu Bin led the group to capture his hiding place ,located on the border between China and Russia Baoquanling farm. There are clues to feedback ,iron in Baoquanling opened a restaurant, named Jin Laishun hotel. Twelve thirty on November 22nd make, a few old northeast guest walked into the hotel. The boss is greeted the guests, to see someone come in ,hurried to greet greeting. A tall ,handsome ,looks like Kris Phillips ,no need to ask is iron army-invincible army! Disguised as patrons of the Lu Bin sketch ,a few men hold their.

    You call what name? Guo Zishun. Lu Bin smiled : iron army-invincible army ,is it right? We should go home? The boss sighed : is the home. The house of detention by shamelessly interview in November 24th, the reporter in the zone of peace the guards at the outside, waiting patiently for his. With a shackle floor sound ,a man walked into the interrogation room ,a white hair gray hair is very conspicuous in. After all ,run for 21 years ,moncler,iron is 44 years old. A leg just enter the trial chamber ,louboutin pas cher,Tiejun see across the iron railings of a group of reporters ,suddenly some enlightenment.

    Under the guidance of the discipline ,he reluctantly sit in the interrogation room ,but not a reporter he said: I do not accept the interview. The police tried to persuade him to accept the interview ,his anxious: what do you do? I don identity? Subsequently,ralph lauren, iron army-invincible army had his face in his hands, lower the head not to utter a single word. The reporter asked a few even ,iron army-invincible army said impatiently : why kill?

    The young Bai ,nothing to say. He sometimes turn the body ,sometimes at reporters and police ,and eventually even stood up ,with handcuffed the trolley with the interrogation of stool to go. Discipline work ,iron army-invincible army replied: m that culture ,Lao can not,doudoune moncler, I know nothing! Besides, I am a dead man ,nothing to say! In desperation ,polo ralph lauren,the interviewer only so far end. Escape 21 years identity was bleached reportedly ,iron army-invincible army after the murder, and his girlfriend fled to the field to avoid.

    Two years later ,moncler,his girlfriend gave birth to his son back to Shenyang ,then two people never meet. During the escape ,he repeatedly change of place, finally went to the border between China and Russia in Mishan County ,local handle ID card ,then renamed Guo Zishun. At present, Tiejun has been the police punishment. Case review into the hospital hacked opponent in September 26, , San Haojie occurred together with case ,two people in the street fighting ,piumini moncler,fierce iron army-invincible army to brandish a sword cut down several men ,one of them seriously ,was sent to the hospital.

    Iron in order to rogue in gained stick actually knife broke into the hospital emergency room ,is the dead in bed.

    City joins several other Colorado communities in passing drone rules

    The police raids, but iron army-invincible army is like air evaporation. People in the news during escape married it is reported ,iron army-invincible army not only be extremely cruel and merciless ,and handsome ,rely on the face during escape dawdle. According to his account, in those days after the murder, went to Heilongjiang ,married a ballet dancer ,and gave birth to a child. For all the stranger ,they are on the way of a man named home. Come up with a portable travel Handbook ,on the corner of the wall ,a map ,or not sure how to go. Confused when ,see a hanging Canon camera middle-aged man came up.

    It is a standard tourist outfit ,I hesitate whether opening directions, he says: are you Chinese? I could hardly believe my ears — the foreigner who Chinese and greeted me ,far beyond my expectations ,I was hoping to get a English to be good. He must have seen my Chinese travel book ,to make judgment. How can you speak Chinese? I asked him, I local school English teacher ,had been in China for more than two years. However ,my Chinese is very poor, can only make the most basic communication.

    So that is what it is. However ,a month in Mexico and Cuba travel ,can open communication opportunities are not many, many times is a person in silence. Find a talking companion ,or a little excitement. Listen to him a native North American pronunciation ,I hesitated , you? I am american.

    The americans! To Cuba before ,the Americans could come to travel to Cuba ,have not been determined ,air jordan,it is to see a person. End camera is T ,his most loved photographing these vintage car. The Americans to travel to Cuba? For this problem, he is certainly not the first answer ,we walked and talked. Originally, the so-called American ban on travel to Cuba ,the United States government is its national make unilateral provisions ,and Cuba attitude ,is actually the refuse nobody.

    Can travel to Cuba consumption ,promote local economic development ,what is there against it. Currently in the United States ,citizens to travel to Cuba was illegal ,and that once it is discovered, will be greatly affected. Especially in the relevant government department staff ,the consequences will be particularly serious ,fined and sentenced are possible.

    This is not a joke. The Americans ,called him T. He told me ,in fact the United States Cuban distance so close ,moncler,there are many excellent beaches ,many Americans still want to come here to travel. In fact ,every year to travel to Cuba was not in a minority of Americans. Under so much pressure ,but also to look attractive ,Cuba does not. I think ,perhaps T years working in foreign countries ,so the pressure will be relatively small.

    But to Americans, it is not easy to go to cuba. T is the use of summer holidays to fly back to the United States ,from North china. The United States is certainly no flights to Cuba ,need to bypass Canada or Mexico ,before reaching cuba. T is folded to Toronto to cuba. Even more exaggerated, originally from Canada fly in Cuba best routes, is to pass over the United states. But the United States airspace and did not open ,so can only bypass ,just added to the flight time.

    I asked T ,don worry about being found out. He said okay, because Cuba into a stapled visas in the passport outside alone on a piece of paper special endorsement ,but must be used at the same time ,passport and not in the passport to leave any traces ,piumini moncler,so in general is no problem.

    Cuba and North Korea ,are practiced in the other paper visas. In this sense ,to Cuba is visa-free ,to Chinese travelers is the same. I was in Mexico the Cancun airport and bought this piece of Cuba travel card. Originally, Cuba is also very smart ,abercrombie paris,they hope that the Americans down to travel ,abercrombie,have introduced such a unique visa ,so that the American tourists houguwuyou. On the other hand ,the Cuban people is right to give Americans a knock ,on American tourists everywhere heckle. The United States issued credit cards cannot make ,Cuban Peso dollar more taxes ,while the euro and the Canadian dollar fee will be much cheaper.

    We decided to go to Hemingway ,long in the hotel to have a look ,there have been opened up into a museum. Go to the wave Street entrance ,in a store ,I saw the famous Americans ,louboutin pas cher,on ,is George W. As president of the United States ,George W. Bush, the poor guy ,might be the world cursed the most people ,especially in countries such as Cuba ,criticism of George W. Bush is cruel ,before I have seen some of the. In Cuba the Bush portraits ,usually face was disfigured ,gave strange even ferocious face and expression ,this picture was good.

    Combined meaning ,is the ruler of the United States is a sinner. This is not the most intense ,following this a large poster ,doudoune moncler pas cher, Asesino the murderer ,the picture also some bloody. To have a look this picture of the Bush ,portrayed as Hitler. However ,I see the most classic piece,moncler outlet, was the day before to revolutionary museum, see the cartoon. Wonderful is the text above ,in Spanish ,English and French wrote: thanks for bush ,you helped us to consolidate the revolutionary regime.

    It seems ,Cuba criticized Bush manner is also diversified. Doctor of Engineering D. The Faculty has produced many awardwinning and commercially viable products that add value to agriculture such as:. Doctor of Philosophy PhD. Graduates are also trained to advance new agricultural technologies as well as apply results from research and commercialisation programmes. Doctor of Philosophy PhD b. Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management b.

    Sustainable Tourism and Recreation c. Tropical Forest Ecosystem Services and Valuation d. For the past five years, the achievements have been noteworthy: a. MS - : b. D - : 55 c. Total of Research Grants : RM 5,, Through an agreement with the Selangor state government in , UPM was granted. It is also a home to 5 out of 10 large mammal species in Peninsular Malaysia, bird species including 35 endangered species and 30 migratory species, 14 small mammal species including the slow loris, 13 bat species, 18 frog species, 2 reptile species and 10 fish species.

    SISFEC receives an average of 4, visitors per year, comprising practical students, students from other universities on educational tours and participants from programmes organised by the forestry-related bodies. Entrepreneurial graduates can establish and operate their own veterinary clinics. The DVM graduates are well-trained to serve in other sectors such as academic, research, animal industries and veterinary as well as medical institutions. It went through a number of name changes until November when the name of UVH was adopted.

    It started with a small animal and ambulatory large animal clinics as well as laboratory services, and has since grown into what it is today, with hospital wards and outpatient clinics handling various animal species. Besides routine outpatient consultancy, UVH also offers specialized services in veterinary medicine and surgery, imaging as well as laboratory diagnosis. UVH has facilities to handle animals with severe or complicated diseases and those requiring intensive care.

    UVH also provides an ambulatory clinic for large animals. Other functional areas in local and international organizations also include banking, real estate, manufacturing, commerce, telecommunication and various industries. These programmes are exactly the same as the programmes offered to full time students. Classes are conducted after office hours during weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays for those opting for the weekend mode. Students follow the trimester system and they complete their studies in 4 years.

    AACSB accreditation is a feature of excellence in business education which is only obtained by less than five percent of business programmes in the world. This Program is in collaboration with SME. This Programme is designed to develop capable human capital that drives innovativeness and creativity. The Programme adopts a hands on approach to ensure the participants gain knowledge in entrepreneurship and business tools.

    The quality of these research findings is tested through international journals, patents and publications awards. Each year, the Faculty produces over 1, publications, including journal articles. Bachelor of Engineering Aerospace 2. Bachelor of Engineering Civil 3. Bachelor of Engineering Agricultural and Biosystems 4. Bachelor of Engineering Electrical and Electronic 5. Bachelor of Engineering Chemical 6. Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical. Bachelor of Engineering Process and Food 8. Emergency Response Planning 2. Engineering Management 3.

    Environmental Engineering 4. Environmental Technology Management 5. Manufacturing Systems Engineering 8. Water Engineering Water Management. Aerospace Engineering 2. Computational Methods in Engineering 3. Agricultural Mechanisation and Automation 4. Agricultural Waste Engineering 5. Farm Structures 6. Agricultural Process Engineering 7. Safety, Health and Emergency Management 8. Soil and Water Engineering 9. Biochemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Environmental Engineering Materials Engineering Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Highway and Transportation Engineering Project Management Remote Sensing Geospatial Engineering Structural Engineering Water Resources Engineering Wireless Communications and Networks Engineering Computer and Embedded Systems Engineering Signal Processing Photonics Engineering Biomedical Engineering Control System Engineering Electrical Power Engineering Electronic Engineering Industrial Engineering Manufacturing Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering Automotive Engineering.

    Food Engineering Candidates with relevant Bachelor and Masters degrees industrial experience are eligible to apply for this programme. The candidates can apply for the same PhD fields of study and have be a supervisory committee member from the industry. This programme is well suited for engineers or researchers who wish to pursue a higher degree in the area of work in which they are employed. To achieve this mission we will: 1.

    Develop the art and science of engineering for the well-being of mankind 2. Educate engineers to high standards of scientific, managerial and professional competence in harmony with the environment 3. Share our knowledge and skills with communities throughout the world. To date, the Faculty consist of eight 8 departments offering eight 8 Bachelor programmes and 34 postgraduate programs, with combined enrollment of over for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    Faculty Engineering has been at the forefront of innovation, creating pivotal technologies that have transformed the worlds of aerospace, mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, computer communications engineering, chemical environmental. As expert in engineering, faculty offers with full range of high technology engineering equipments. Wind tunnel is one of the most high technology facility in faculty representing a significant aerospace and mechanical engineering technology in our faculty. The wind tunnel owned by the Aerodynamic Laboratory of Aerospace Engineering Department which is designed to support for learning, research, consultation and testing services.

    It is monitored by laboratory expert which consist of professors, lecturers, technical experts and researcher within the department. The research interests include a wide range of fluid dynamic, combustion and propulsion problems and experiment on aerodynamics studies. Currently, department offer with two type of subsonic. While the other is closed circuit type which was built in with a same size test section. Tunnels was initially designed to study the effects of gusts on scaled model aircraft but has since been upgraded to suit a variety of applications.

    It is now fully owned by the University and is used for education and research to serve government and local industry as a well-equipped and useful subsonic wind tunnel resource. Both are built with large windows on the side of the test section allow for excellent model viewing. Force and moment data are obtained from a below-floor balance system capable of supporting models having specific gross weights.

    It resolves all six force and moment components. The wind tunnel facility also has instrumentation for the measurement and recording of operating pressures, the angle of attack or angle of yaw, tunnel static pressure, dynamic pressure and temperatures. A computer or data acquisition system is used to average and record the results. Curriculum and Instruction ii. Educational Administration iii.

    Educational Psychology iv. Educational Technology v. Guidance and Counselling vi. Physical Education vii. Sports Science viii. Teaching of English as a Second Language ix. Teaching of Malay as a First language x. Sociology of Education v. Educational Technology vi.

    Extension Education vii. Guidance and Counselling viii. Human Resource Development ix. Moral Education x. Physical Education xi. Sports Science xii. Teaching of English as a Second Language xiii. Teaching of Malay as a First language xiv. Teaching of Malay Literature xv. Findings showed that EOCs lacked authority to intervene or coordinate with associated agencies. Also, placing emphasis on the recovery phase should improve future prevention and response mechanisms. To improve the response to MCIs, the EMCL needs to be amended to give EOCs the lead during disasters; use feedback from the recovery phase to improve future disaster management and operation coordination; and establish an information-sharing platform across agencies to address all aspects of relief work.

    Disaster Med Public Health Preparedness. The current status of emergency operations at a high-volume cancer center. This study aimed to assess the pathogenic causes, clinical conditions, surgical procedures, in-hospital mortality, and operative death associated with emergency operations at a high-volume cancer center. Although many reports have described the contents, operative procedures, and prognosis of elective surgeries in high-volume cancer centers , emergency operations have not been studied in sufficient detail.

    We retrospectively enrolled 28 consecutive patients who underwent emergency surgery. Cases involving operative complications were excluded. The following surgical procedures were performed during emergency operations : closure in 3 cases Closure alone was performed only once for peritonitis. Diversion was performed in 17 cases The frequency of emergency operations was very low at a high-volume cancer center. However, the recent shift in treatment approaches toward nonoperative techniques may enhance the status of emergency surgical procedures.

    The results presented in this study will help prepare for emergency situations and resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Capacity to receive, verify, analyze, assess, and investigate public health events is essential for epidemic intelligence. Public health Emergency Operations Centers PHEOCs can be epidemic intelligence hubs by 1 having the capacity to receive, analyze, and visualize multiple data streams, including surveillance and 2 maintaining a trained workforce that can analyze and interpret data from real-time emerging events.

    Such PHEOCs could be physically located within a ministry of health epidemiology, surveillance, or equivalent department rather than exist as a stand-alone space and serve as operational hubs during nonoutbreak times but in emergencies can scale up according to the traditional Incident Command System structure. Balajee, S. Arunmozhi; Pasi, Omer G. Workers in social service professions are the first candidates for job burnout.

    The researchers believe this is due to daily exposure to stressful situations and lack of positive conditions in the workplace. It seems that psychological empowerment of staff can affect their job burnout. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between psychological empowerment and job burnout in operational staff of emergency center.

    This was a descriptive correlational study. A total of operational staff of emergency center were evaluated, and of which, persons were selected by simple random sampling method. Data were collected using Spritzer's psychological empowerment and Maslach Burnout Inventory questionnaires. SPSS software, version 18, was used for data analysis along with descriptive analytical tests. Similarly, the majority of cases had intermediate level Based on Pearson's correlation test, there was a significant invert correlation between psychological empowerment and job burnout.

    This inverse and significant relationship was also observed between the four components of psychological empowerment competence, self-determination, impact, and meaning and job burnout. According to the results of the study, policy makers and health planners can take some measures in enhancing psychological empowerment to prevent problems associated with job burnout, by identifying stressors and strategies to deal with them.

    Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Territorial vulnerability and risk analysis play a fundamental role in urban planning and emergency management. Requirements analysis of such aspects are possible to define more and more effective risk mitigation strategies providing efficient response plans to events. Many mitigation strategies as well as many response plans have in common the purpose of minimizing response time in order to decrease the level of vulnerability of the concerning area.

    The response time to a perturbing event is in fact an essential parameter to define the hazard of the considered site and literature is unanimous in considering it. In this context, the article proposes a methodology for the optimization of the location on the territory of emergency operation centers EOCs, reducing response times and mitigating in this way the vulnerability of the area. This method has been applied in the territory of Bressanone and Vipiteno Bolzano-Italy, simulating the need to build a new barrack of Fire Department. A campaign of interviews with operators and industry experts and the collection of spatial data from the portals of the concerned authorities has been carried out in order to get the number of necessary data for the implementation of the proposed methodology.

    It is highly probable that there will be a heavy dependence upon high-frequency hf radio communications for long- haul communications following a nuclear attack on the continental United States, should one occur. The solution must than be to reduce HEMP-induced stresses on the system by means of tailored retrofit hardening measures using commercial protection devices when available. It is the intent of this report to define the particular hardening measures that will minimize the susceptibility of system components to HEMP effects.

    To the extent economically viable, protective actions have been recommended for implementation, along with necessary changes or additions, during the period of the FNARS upgrade program. This report addresses electromagnetic pulse EMP effects only and disregards any condition in which radiation effects may be a factor. It has been established that, except for the source region of a surface burst, EMP effects of high-altitude bursts are more severe than comparable detonations in either air or surface regions.

    The threatening environment will therefore be limited to HEMP situations. Train operation in emergencies. This book presents the latest findings on train operation theories and methods in the context of emergencies. It examines and assesses a range of aspects—including the definition of a railway emergency , transport organization modes in emergencies , calculating railway transport capacity in emergencies , line planning in emergencies , train re-pathing in emergencies and train re-scheduling in emergencies—that are urgently needed in the railway transportation field, which faces the serious challenge of dealing with emergencies worldwide.

    The book highlights the latest research results in an integrated and systematic way, and the methodology presented is oriented on real-world problems, allowing it to be used not only directly in railway operational management, but also as the point of departure for further applications or theoretical research. As such, the book will be of considerable interest to graduate students and researchers in the field of traffic and transportation engineering.

    Emergency operation determination system. The system of the present invention can determine an emergency operation coping with abnormal events occurring during nuclear plant operation without replying on an operator 's judgement. That is, the system of the present invention comprises an intelligence base which divides and classifies the aims of the plant operation for the function, structure and operation manual and puts them into network.

    Degree of attainment for the extend of the status normality is determined on every aim of operation based on various kinds of measured data during plant operation. For a degree of attainment within a predetermined range, it is judged that an emergency operation is possible although this is in an abnormal state. Degree of emergency is determined by a fuzzy theory based on the degree of attainment, variation coefficient for the degree of attainment and the sensitivity to external disturbance as parameters.

    Priority for the degree of emergency on every operation aims is determined by comparison. Normality is successively checked for the determined operation aims. As a result, equipments as objects of abnormality suppressing operation are specified, and the operation amount of the equipments as objects are determined so that the measuring data are within a predetermined range. Activities of the nuclear emergency assistance and training center. Strengthening co- operation with parties in normal circumstances.

    The center aims to provide various support nuclear safety regulatory bodies, local governments and nuclear facility licenses as specialists about nuclear and radiological issues according to the role shown in the Basic Disaster Management Plan. NEAT maintains frequent contact with related organizations in normal circumstance.

    NEAT also participates in nuclear emergency exercises instructed by the parties concerned, which has contributed to the brewing of mutual trust with related organizations. NEAT, as a section of the organization, continuously deals with nuclear emergencies. Poison control center - emergency number. All local poison control centers in the United States use this Emergency Operations Centers EOCs have been credited with driving the recent successes achieved in the Nigeria polio eradication program.

    EOC concept was also applied to the Ebola virus disease outbreak and is applicable to a range of other public health emergencies. This article outlines the structure and functionality of a typical EOC in addressing public health emergencies in low-resource settings. It ascribes the successful polio and Ebola responses in Nigeria to several factors including political commitment, population willingness to engage, accountability, and operational and strategic changes made by the effective use of an EOC and Incident Management System.

    In countries such as Nigeria where the central or federal government does not directly hold states accountable, the EOC provides a means to improve performance and use data to hold health workers accountable by using innovative technologies such as geographic position systems, dashboards, and scorecards. Space Operations Learning Center. SOLC is unique in its approach to develop learning materials to teach schoolaged students the basic concepts of space operations. SOLC utilizes the latest Web and software technologies to present this educational content in a fun and engaging way for all grade levels.

    SOLC uses animations, streaming video, cartoon characters, audio narration, interactive games and more to deliver educational concepts. The Web portal organizes all of these training modules in an easily accessible way for visitors worldwide. SOLC provides multiple training modules on various topics. Kids Zone 1 and 2 include a number of educational videos and games designed specifically for grades K Save The Forest is a space operations mission with four simulations and activities to complete, optimized for new touch screen technology.

    The Kids Zone 1 module has recently been ported to Facebook to attract wider audience. Automated emergency operating procedures. This paper describes the development of a training tool for the symptom oriented emergency operating procedures used at the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant. EOPs and operator training are intended to assist the operator for managing accident situations.

    A prototype expert system based on the EOPs has been developed for operator training. The demonstration expert system was developed using a commercial shell.

    Office Of | کتاب

    The knowledge base consists of two parts. The specific operator actions to be executed for 5 selected accident sequences and the EOPs steps for the reactor pressure vessel control of the water level, pressure, and power. A typical training session will display a set of conditions and will prompt the trainee to indicate the appropriate step to perform. This mode will guide the trainee through selected accident sequences. A second mode of the expert system will prompt the trainee for the current plant conditions and the expert system will respond with the EOPs which are required to be performed under these conditions.

    This allows the trainee to study What if situations. Systems in place to manage disaster response were strained to the limit because key first responders were among the casualties when the twin towers collapsed. In addition, the evolution of events required immediate response in a rapidly changing and extremely hazardous situation. Rescue, recovery, and clean up became an overpowering and sustained effort that would utilize the resources of federal, state and local governments and agencies.

    One issue during the response to the WTC disaster site that did not receive much attention was that of the limited and non-English speaking worker. The extremely unfortunate and tragic events of that day provided an opportunity to not only provide assistance for the Hispanic workers, but also to apply lessons learned and conduct studies on worker training with language barriers in a real life environment.

    However, due to the circumstances surrounding this tragedy, the study of these issues was conducted primarily by observation. The OENHP translated materials on hazards and how to protect workers into Spanish to assist in getting the information to the limited and non- English speaking workers. The centers are positioned in 49 states, Puerto Rico, U.

    Virgin Islands, and Guam. Henry Grabar wrote an article that was posted on the Atlantic Cities website that indicated Boston is one of the most prepared U. Grimsmo, A. Workhours and worklife balance. For example, an. Emergency preparedness of nuclear power plant and operation assurance in case of a possible emergency calls to have devices for emergency response with equipment for rapid detection and continuous evaluation of anticipated events.

    Chief executive body designated to manage a nuclear power plant during major events is the emergency committee EC. From a historical and practical point of view in the vicinity of Jaslovske Bohunice has been set up a joint emergency control center. The center was located on the territory of the former already inoperative V1 NPP.

    In terms of various relevant factors, it was decided to build a new emergency management center on the territory of operating V2 NPP, meet the current standards. Emergency control centers for nuclear power plants. Guidance is provided for the development and implementation of emergency control centers for nuclear power plants, including nuclear plant control room, nuclear plant company headquarters, emergency control center , and nuclear plant alternate emergency control center. Requirements and recommendations are presented for the mission, communications, instrumentation and equipment associated with each type of control center.

    Decisional aids, manning requirements and resources are also given; the decision aids cover both the accident assessment and protective action areas. Both normal and alternate means of communications are considered. Off-site emergency control centers , although not covered in the strict sense by this standard, are considered in an appendix. Classification of Security Operation Centers. While there are frameworks in existence that addresses the technology aspects of these services, a holistic framework Operational Research during the Ebola Emergency.

    Operational research aims to identify interventions, strategies, or tools that can enhance the quality, effectiveness, or coverage of programs where the research is taking place. This research covered critical areas, such as understanding how the virus spreads, clinical trials, community perceptions, challenges within Ebola treatment centers , and negative effects on non-Ebola healthcare. Importantly, operational research questions were decided to a large extent by returning volunteers who had first-hand knowledge of the immediate issues facing teams in the field.

    Such a method is appropriate for an emergency medical organization. Many challenges were also identified while carrying out operational research across 3 different countries, including the basic need for collecting data in standardized format to enable comparison of findings among treatment centers. Emergency planning and operating experience.

    The purpose of this paper is to derive lessons from operating experience for the planning of emergency measures. This operating experience has two facets: it is obtained not only from the various incidents and accidents which have occurred in countries with nuclear power programmes and from the resulting application of emergency plans but also from the different exercises and simulations carried out in France and in other countries. Experience generally confirms the main approaches selected for emergency plans.

    The lessons to be derived are of three types: first, it appears necessary to set forth precisely the responsibilities of each person involved in order to prevent a watering-down of decisions in the event of an accident; secondly, considerable improvements need to be made in the different communication networks to be used; and thirdly, small accidents with minor radiological consequences deserve as systematic and thorough an approach as large and more improbable accidents.

    Computer managed emergency operating procedures. New computer technology is a very effective tool for developing a new design of nuclear power plant control room. It allows designer possibility to create a tool for managing with large database of power plant parameters and displaying them in different graphic forms and possibility of automated execution of well known task.

    EmDiSY Emergency Display System - computer code name for CEOP main purpose is to supply the operator with necessary information, to document all operator actions and to execute well known tasks. It is a function oriented CEOP that gives operator guidance on how to verify the critical safety functions and how to restore and maintain these functions where they are degraded.

    All knowledge is coded and stored in database files. The knowledge base consists from stepping order for verifying plant parameters, desired values of parameters, conditions for comparison and links between procedures and actions. Graphical shell allows users to read database, to follow instruction and to find out correct task. The desired information is concentrated in one screen and allows users to focus on a task.

    User is supported in two ways: desired parameter values are displayed on the process picture and automated monitoring critical safety function status trees are all time in progress and available to the user. FACT gathers information about winter weather onto one screen and includes predictive abilities. It should prove to be useful for airline dispatchers and airport personnel when they manage winter storms and their effect on air traffic. This material is very similar to other previously approved presentations with the same title.

    Regional Test Center Operations Manual. Stein, Joshua [Sandia National Lab. The U. The initiative seeks to make solar energy cost competitive with other forms of electricity by the end of the decade. Sandia National Laboratory currently manages four different sites across the country.

    The entire PV portfolio currently includes 20 industry partners and almost kW of installed systems. The program follows a defined process that outlines tasks, milestones, agreements, and deliverables. The process is broken out into four main parts: 1 planning and design, 2 installation, 3 operations , and 4 decommissioning.

    This operations manual defines the various elements of each part. Laboratory operation during radiation emergency. During radiation emergency , a special operation mode of laboratories of the Radiation Monitoring Network hereinafter RMN is expected. The principal factors differing the emergency mode from the normal one are the following: - significantly higher amount of analyzed samples; - high activities of the majority of the samples; - higher risk of personal and equipment contamination; - higher working and psychological demands on laboratory staff.

    The assuring of the radiation protection requirements of laboratory staff has to be the primary objective, nevertheless the risk of equipment contamination and of samples cross- contamination of course have to be as well taken into consideration. These tests allow us to evaluate the source term or radioactivity dispersal balance based on various detection methods with the aim to estimate exposure of the afflicted persons.

    Tests provided to simulate emergency working conditions in Central Laboratory - high number of contaminated samples, which have to be analyzed in a short time short half-time of used radionuclide 99m Tc using sophisticated laboratory techniques gamma spectrometers, aerosols collectors, etc. The testing shows the availability of the SURO laboratory to work during the radiation emergency and to participate on its determination.

    The suitable settings and the ideal number of staff have been found. The average analysis time was approximately 1 minute per sample and the sample results were available just a few minutes after the counting. Moreover, the settings avoided any danger and kept both the crew and the samples safe and secure from contamination.

    Tests provided to simulate emergency working conditions in Central Laboratory -high number of contaminated samples, which have to be analyzed in a short time short half-time of used radionuclide 99m Tc using sophisticated laboratory techniques gamma spectrometers, aerosols collectors, etc. Gopalakrishnan, Bhaskaran [West Virginia Univ.

    IAC Operations Manual describes organizational model and operations of the Industrial Assessment Center IAC , Center management activities, typical process of energy assessment, and energy assessment data for specific industry sectors. Poison control center - Emergency number image.

    For a poison emergency call anywhere in the United States. This national hotline number will let you All local poison control centers in the U. Autologous blood transfusion during emergency trauma operations. Intraoperative cell salvage CS of shed blood during emergency surgical procedures provides an effective and cost-efficient resuscitation alternative to allogeneic blood transfusion, which is associated with increased morbidity and mortality in trauma patients. Retrospective matched cohort study. Level I trauma center. All adult trauma patients who underwent an emergency operation and received CS as part of their intraoperative resuscitation.

    Amount and cost of allogeneic transfusion of packed red blood cells and plasma. The 47 patients in the CS group were similar to the 47 in the no-CS group for all matched variables. Intraoperative CS provides an effective and cost-efficient resuscitation strategy as an alternative to allogeneic blood transfusion in trauma patients undergoing emergency operative procedures.

    Emergency medicine: an operations management view. Operations management OM is the science of understanding and improving business processes. For the emergency department ED , OM principles can be used to reduce and alleviate the effects of crowding. A fundamental principle of OM is the waiting time formula, which has clear implications in the ED given that waiting time is fundamental to patient- centered emergency care.

    The waiting time formula consists of the activity time how long it takes to complete a process , the utilization rate the proportion of time a particular resource such a staff is working , and two measures of variation: the variation in patient interarrival times and the variation in patient processing times. Understanding the waiting time formula is important because it presents the fundamental parameters that can be managed to reduce waiting times and length of stay.

    An additional useful OM principle that is applicable to the ED is the efficient frontier. The efficient frontier compares the performance of EDs with respect to two dimensions: responsiveness i. Some EDs may be "on the frontier," maximizing their responsiveness at their given utilization rates. However, most EDs likely have opportunities to move toward the frontier. Increasing capacity is a movement along the frontier and to truly move toward the frontier i. When conceptualizing ED crowding interventions, these are the major strategies to consider.

    Unmanned aerial vehicle

    The increasing use of expeditionary and special operations forces in ad hoc, dynamic, and tactical environments poses a need for an adaptable, flexible, and responsive deployable network operations center DNOC Trainer module for security control center operations. An operator trainer module has been developed to be used with the security control center equipment to be installed as part of a safeguards physical protection system. The module is designed to provide improved training and testing capabilities for control center operators through the use of simulations for perimeter equipment operations.

    Operators , through the trainer module, can be challenged with a variety of realistic situations which require responsive action identical to that needed in an actual system. This permits a consistent evaluation and confirmation of operator capabilities prior to assignment as an operator and allows for periodic retesting to verify that adequate performance levels are maintained. In the event of a major radiological emergency , 17 federal agencies with various statutory responsibilities have agreed to coordinate their efforts at the emergency scene under the umbrella of the Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan.

    This cooperative effort will ensure that all federal radiological assistance fully supports their efforts to protect the public. It also describes the federal assets and subsequent operational activities which provide federal radiological monitoring and assessment of the off-site areas. Public health in the field and the emergency operations center : methods for implementing real-time onsite syndromic surveillance at large public events. To develop an onsite syndromic surveillance system for the early detection of public health emergencies and outbreaks at large public events.

    This system complements long-standing traditional emergency department-based surveillance and provides public health agencies with rapid reporting of possible clusters of illness. At 6 high profile events, patient reports were collected. Gastrointestinal and neurological syndromes were most commonly reported, followed by multisyndromic reports. Neurological symptoms were significantly increased during hot weather events. The interview rate was 2 to 7 interviews per 50 people per hour, depending on the ambient temperature. Discussion Study data allowed an estimation of baseline values of illness occurring at large public events.

    As more data are collected, prediction models can be built to determine threshold levels for public health response. EVENTSS was conducted largely by volunteer public health graduate students, increasing the response capacity for the health department. Onsite epidemiology staff could make informed decisions and take actions quickly in the event of a public health emergency. Intelligent tutors for control center operator training.

    Vale, Z. Power systems are presently remotely operated and controlled from control centers that receive on-line information about the power system state. Control center operators have very high-demanding tasks what makes their training a key issue for the performance of the whole power system.

    Simulators are usually used by electrical utilities for this purpose but they are very expensive applications and their use requires the preparation of the training sessions by qualified training staff which is a very time consuming task. Due to this, these simulators are only used a few times a year. Intelligent Tutoring Systems ITS provide some new possibilities for control center operator training making easier its use without much assistance of the teaching staff. On the other hand, an expert system in use in a control center can be adapted to an ITS to train operators without much effort.

    Modeling operators ' emergency response time for chemical processing operations. Operators have a crucial role during emergencies at a variety of facilities such as chemical processing plants. When an abnormality occurs in the production process, the operator often has limited time to either take corrective actions or evacuate before the situation becomes deadly. It is crucial that system designers and safety professionals can estimate the time required for a response before procedures and facilities are designed and operations are initiated. There are existing industrial engineering techniques to establish time standards for tasks performed at a normal working pace.

    However, it is reasonable to expect the time required to take action in emergency situations will be different than working at a normal production pace. It is possible that in an emergency , operators will act faster compared to a normal pace. It would be useful for system designers to be able to establish a time range for operators ' response times for emergency situations.

    This article develops a modeling approach to estimate the time standard range for operators taking corrective actions or following evacuation procedures in emergency situations. This will aid engineers and managers in establishing time requirements for operators in emergency situations. The methodology used for this study combines a well-established industrial engineering technique for determining time requirements predetermined time standard system and adjustment coefficients for emergency situations developed by the authors.

    Numerous videos of workers performing well-established tasks at a maximum pace were studied. As an example, one of the tasks analyzed was pit crew workers changing tires as quickly as they could during a race.